Sharing is Caring

As part of our effort to help you make really cool stuff, we created the 123D Gallery. If you are an avid 123D user you are likely already familiar with the Gallery.

If you aren't familiar with the Gallery, we have created a quick video tour to help you see how to share your creations or use an existing model for your designs. The gallery is full of 3D Models, Images, Props and Parts, basically everything you need to get started or make your models more realistic.

Another cool feature of the Gallery is that you can showcase your own creations. You can easily post your designs back to the Gallery and allow others to incorporate your content into their design.

Sharing is Caring! So go forth and show 'em what you got.


123D Snowman Challenge Highlights

Here is a highlight of some of the awesome entries that we received in the 123D Snowman Challenge. We thank everyone who shared a snowman and look forward to seeing all of your future posts.

Everyone who participated should keep an eye on their inbox for their free Instructables Pro Membership coupon code.

Big Discounts for Laser Cutting

We here in the 123D team are always looking for ways to make your "maker" life easier. So, why not make it easier by saving you a few bucks?! Yes, you read that right! We've introduced discounts up to 70% for cardboard laser cutting. How does this work? Basically it works the same way as before, but with an even better twist. Now you can go to our brand new 123D Make web app, which allows you to slice your creations online. No download necessary! Once you are done with your virtual cardboard model you can hit the "Fabricate Online" button which connects you directly to our digital factory. You can also take advantage of our discounts if you are using 123D Make on your Mac by loading your pattern it up to "MyCorner" in and starting the digital fabrication workflow from there. Happy Cardboarding! Hendrik

123D and Laser Cutting

Here's a new tip video showing you the basics of laser cutting directly from Autodesk 123D. See how to browse the Gallery for a model, download it and make it your own. Then, set up a Laser Sheet for cutting both a vector and raster cut.

Check out the workflow movie on YouTube