Bubble Machine

James Williamson over at instructables has made a fantastic bubble machine and he's included the files so you can lasercut one for yourself! This would be an excellent weekend project to build with your kids, too!

Or maybe you'd care to make your own version using 123D?

Via instructables.

3D printed dinosaur claw!

Thingiverse user gavinmurphy used 123D Catch to capture an Allosaurus claw cast from the Peabody Museum. He then uploaded it so everyone can print their own. I want one!

I love to see 123D Catch being used like this - we need more dinosaurs parts! I see schools getting a ton of use out of 3D printing in the future.

Via thingiverse.

The Free Universal Construction Kit

The Free Universal Construction Kit from Adapterz on Vimeo.

In one of the biggest advances in toys since forever... F.A.T Lab has created a kit that can be 3D printed and connect the majority of your favorite building sets together.

Compatible sets include Lego, Duplo, Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, K'NEX and even more!

But why keep typing? You should really just watch the video! And check the link below for all the details.

Via F.A.T Lab

TNW Insider about the upcoming new apps

Some key press attended the 123D event in New York last week where we showcased the upcoming apps together with our partners Objet, Makerbot, Shopbot, and Epilog.     Read the Next Web TNW Insider story about the upcoming 123D apps.    

Coming Soon, 123D apps and eco system

Autodesk is announcing a connected ecosystem of apps, platforms, and communities that transforms the experience of 3D design and personal fabrication. Utilizing the power of the cloud and the crowd, the 123D family connects free 3D creation tools with content, community, and fabrication services, so anyone can create, explore, and make. 123D Catch - Take photos of people, places, and things and transform them into detailed 3D models. 123D Sculpt - Explore, shape, and paint 3D sculptures on the iPad. Share your creations with others and export them as OBJ data. 123D Make – Turn your 3D models into cut patterns and animated assembly instructions for making artful creations. 123D - 3D design software enabling personal creation and fabrication of precise and finished objects. My Corner – Your personal cloud storage for your design files, connecting 123D products and workflows. Use your data with the different 123D apps and create physical object through our fabrication services. Gallery - Publish and share your projects and access other people’s creations from the Gallery directly in the products, giving you access to an abundance of ideas of things to create. Instructables - More than 14 million individuals use Instructables every month to explore their interests in technology, crafts, home improvement, art, cooking and more. At the core of Instructables are expert authors who have created and shared more than 65,000 personal projects in the clear step-by-step Instructables format. The updated family of 123D apps is going to be available on desktop, mobile and web browser platforms soon.  Stay tuned for updates.

3D Printed Robotic Dinosaurs!

Something very neat is happening at Drexel University - dinosaur bones are being scanned and then 3D printed! Dr. James Tangorra and Dr. Kenneth Lacovara have teamed up along with other researchers to get this project going.

The dinosaur bones will be printed both at normal size (for display in museums) and on a smaller scale. The smaller scale bones will be assembled into full skeletons and then turned into robots so that the researchers will be able to study how the dinosaurs really moved. The doctors hope to have a robotic limb created by the end of 2012 - a full model will take much longer.

3D printing has really revolutionized the field of paleontology - I can't wait to see where this goes.

Via drexel.edu

Laser Cut Record Monsters

A First Look at RecordMonsters

This is a fantastic idea to reuse old records - turn them into tiny sculptures! I found the Record Monsters project while browsing the interwebs and just had to share it.

The Record Monsters project was wildly popular on kickstarter, and rightly so! What other things would you do with an old record and a laser cutter? I'm envisioning fancy coasters, tiny photo easels, wall decorations, all sorts of things!

It'd be easy to recreate something like this using 123D Make , too! But be careful about cutting records - the fumes are not good for you or your laser cutter - you'll need a really powerful exhaust system.

Via kickstarter.

3D Printed Stool

This stool is called the One Shot. It was designed by Patrick Jouin and is truly wonderful - it's 3D printed, and easily folds and expands into shape. To close the stool, simply pick it up from the center handle. To turn in into a stool, put the legs on the ground and gently press down on the handle.

I think it's genius and I cannot wait to see what other kinds of furniture will get a makeover. If nothing else, 3D printing would be the perfect route for creating prototypes!

Via Apartment Therapy.

123D on Electric Playground

Shaun from Electric Playground touches on 123D Sculpt, a 3D sculpting app for the iPad.   Electric Playground EP is a Canadian daily entertainment news magazine that profiles all of the latest developments in the videogame universe as well as all of the cool stuff that gamers are interested in and obsessed with it.   Check out the full video post of the interview.

3D Printed Lower Jaw

An 83 year old woman recently received the first custom implant to replace an entire lower jaw! The implant is very complicated - it has articulated joints, grooves and cavities to allow muscles, nerves and veins to get back to where they need to be. It's made from titanium powder!

3D printed implants are not only quicker to manufacture - they can also lead to a much shorter recovery time. In this particular case, the woman had a much shorter surgery and was able to leave the hospital in a fraction of the normal time.

How awesome is that?

Via adafruit.com

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