Make It Real contest – you could win a 3D printer!

Instructables is running a fantastic contest that is perfect for 123D users!

To enter, post an Instructable that has anything in it that was at least partially designed using a computer: a sticker, a 3D printed object, laser-cut files, an electronics schematic, and even an inkjet printer template. So long as something in your project involved computer design (a digital sketch, 2D files, schematics, or a 3d model) before you built the physical object, you're good to go!

This would be an excellent weekend project!

Check out all the rules and learn more about entering on the official contest page. And make sure to enter by June 4th!

Underwater Catch!

David Lang of OpenROV found out 123D Catch works well underwater too! The video above is a Catch of a starfish that was originally taken as a video - he pulled the Catch from stills. How neat is that? Click through to see the stills and learn a little more about it!


Want to be involved in Catching the Sphinx?

Bilal Ghalib of Autodesk & GEMSI is planning a "3DFLASHMOB!" to get a Catch of the Sphinx!

If you're in or around Cairo or know someone that is - pass on the invite! It's happening on Tuesday, April 24th at 9 AM and is sure to be a ton of fun. I'm really excited to see the results! If all goes well, people will be headed back to the Cairo Hackerspace to make a cardboard replica.

Check out the official facebook invite page and remember to pass it on!

Hyphae lamps

This fabulous lamp by Nervous System is fully 3D printed. I love the vein-like look of the lamp! It would be so hard to get this level of detail doing it by hand. Plus, it's made of math and science! Hooray!

They've also got a neat video in the product description. Check it out!

Via Nervous System.

Catch of Trigger Happy from Skylanders

Autodesk employee Mauricio Vives got this fantastic model of a Skylanders character using 123D Catch. It was his first catch, and it looks awesome!

He uploaded a video that'll tell you a little more about it, so check it out. It always better to view these kinds of things in action!

The Pirate Bay gets on the 3D printing train

If you hadn't heard yet, The Pirate Bay launched a "physibles" section back in January. There's not a ton of things to download yet but there is an awesome Pirate Bay ship! It'll be interesting to see how this section grows as 3D printing becomes cheaper and more available.

So now you have yet another place to check for user-generated content to 3D print or modify to suit your needs. Crazy!

Via The Pirate Bay.

Cube kite flies with a little 3D printing help

This amazing sculptural kite was created by Heather and Ivan Morison. While it looks far too heavy to fly, it's made of lightweight materials. The rods are carbon fiber, the fabric is the same used in sails, and the connectors are 3D printed and made of nylon.

Check out the video below for close-ups of the kite and to watch it take off - it's beautiful. It's so wonderful to watch something so large float in the air!

Little Shining Man from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.

Via treehugger.

Gorgeous 3D printed clock

This fantastic clock was designed by Angela and Mark Gilbert and then 3D printed.

This is such a beautiful use of 3D printing - it's never been so easy to make so many intricate parts fit together so well! The clock is very smart, too - check out the video below to get a better idea of how it works. I love the swing.

Via instructables.