New 123D apps are live today!

We've released a ton of goodies today!

Here's a rundown of the new apps complete with links so you can get them:

123D Catch on iPad,

123D Catch web app,

123D Make for PC & Mac,

and last but not least... 123D Make Intro for iOS!


  • مازن | مواطن مؤدب

    I am not sure why Apple store restrict downloading this suite to US market only, I can not download the apps.. :(

  • HengSu Kim

    I also can not download iPad version from Japanese App Store. Would you make it available for us?

  • Jyri Saastamoinen

    Can’t use the webapp: says “Slicing process error” always after intro. Tried firefox, chrome & IE

  • Jyri Saastamoinen

    >And the app was 123Make…

  • sandykoufax

    123D Catch for iPad is not available in Korean App store too. :-/

  • victor cano

    Man, neither here in China! Come guys, make it available in all app stores worldwide!

    • Jessy Ellenberger

      It’s going to be happening very soon!

  • Marianne Markt

    Hi. Do you have online help? I loaded 10+ photos of my white rose. When I find it in the gallery, it doesn’t render into a 3D image. The other two roses in the gallery do it automatically. Am I missing a step somewhere? (I’m using the online app from my PC.)

  • Bruno Langenegger

    the app “123D Catch” is still missing in the Swiss Store…