Introducing 123D Design

We are so excited to share this with all of you!

Today we are releasing 123D Design, our newest and most fantastic free 3D modeling program.

With Autodesk 123D Design, anyone can have fun designing and making things. Whether it’s a new design of your own, replacing a part of something you already have, or reimagining something so that it’s just right for you, with 123D Design you can create a digital model of your idea and then directly 3D print or fabricate the things you want, just the way you want them. And the way you work with 123D Design is similar to how you work in other everyday software you’re familiar with, so you can avoid frustrations and enjoy the process of making things.

And - good news! 123D Design is available for Mac, Windows, iPad and as a web app! Click through to download your copy today and start creating:

For additional information, tutorials, or to ask questions, please check out the links below:


  • Duann Scott


  • Anonymous

    The email I got today announcing 123Design sent me to a web page … which say “System Requirements:
    Apple® Mac OS® X, version 10.5 or later” However when I go to the Mac App store, it says 10.7 or later is required. I have not upgraded from 10.6.8 Is the web page or the Mac Store wrong in its requirements list?

  • Anonymous

    Is this the successor to 123D?

  • Rudiger Wolf

    what about linux users?

  • Gnuut

    This thing is a real P.O.S. It will neither import or export any other format than its own, thus making it useless for 3d printing by anyone else but Autodesk.

    Bad UI, bad integration with other apps, and not worth the download as a result

    • 123DAndrewTaylor

      Hi Gnuut,

      We’ve tried to make the 123D line accessible to users who perhaps aren’t familiar with 3D software or modeling, so a lot of features have been pared down to make that entry simpler. The good news is we’re continuously working on new fixes and features as we get feedback from our users, so I’d love to hear your feedback and specific requests, if you have any.

      Thanks much!

  • Jonathan Grand

    I was excited with Autodesk offering their own free “TinkerCAD”-like solution that can export STL.

    I was extremely put off by the UI design. As a UI designer myself, I’m surprised that in 2013 people at Autodesk still don’t realize the importance of having information about the object placement and measurements as I move and transform it, and the straightforward benefits of being able to build objects with grouped, primitive-shaped solids and holes.

    Autodesk could really learn a lot by getting a TinkerCAD account and seeing how superior it is (in terms of intuitiveness and learning curve) to their own offer. Number 1 mistake in UI is to ignore competitors with superior, easier-to-use products.

  • Andrew Barney

    +1 for a good CAD program that runs on Ubuntu Linux!