Introducing 123D Premium Membership

Today you may have noticed the addition of "go premium" in the upper corner of the 123D site.  We've just started offering a new level of membership intended for those of you who have been asking for more stuff to help support the things you are making.

Right now, premium membership includes two key benefits; a free 3D print, and an Instructables Pro membership.  An Instructables Pro account gives you access to eBooks, downloadable pdfs of projects, private Instructables, and more, so you can take better advantage of the projects you want to make and those you want to share. And if you've been interested in ordering a print of one of your models – or you're modeling something specific to print – as part of your premium membership you'll be able to get a free 3D print up to 4"x4"x4", made on one of our sweet Objet 3D printers.

This is just the beginning for premium membership, we've already got updates in the works. You'll see premium models appearing in the Gallery – for a short time you can download those free from inside one of the 123D apps, so check them out. We'll shortly be publishing hundreds of them and premium members will have exclusive access to download and make them. We'll also be offering premium members extended private storage, for the special projects or product designs you want to keep under wraps. We have also heard requests for certain types of file translation or output. Those and other services may show up in premium down the road.

Free membership is not going away, you'll always be able to access our apps, share your projects and download other people's shared projects, and we'll continue to update and upgrade the 123D apps on desktop, web, and mobile.  But if these premium benefits are  just what you've been waiting for that's great!  If you have more ideas for premium membership, please do let us know (you can email us at