123D Design 1.1 Update now available!

What’s new in 123D Design 1.1?  Many of you have asked for some specific features with a new release of 123D Design.  We heard you and have integrated many of them in this release!  Let’s see some of these features:

Export STL Files

You now have the option to directly export an STL file from within 123D Design, without having to go back to 123Dapp.com to download it.

Now you can export right from the drop-down menu.


123D Design 1.0 only allowed inserting parts through the Parts Bin. Now you can not only insert  parts but also merge complete models by using the Insert function. We also made it so that you can insert from your local drive, not just files stored in the cloud!

Insert objects from a local drive!

Sketching Enhancements

123D Design 1.1 introduces several new features that many of you requested in the last month. You can now Trim and Extend objects while you sketch. We have also introduced Arc, and also added an option for doing Fillet on two different entities within the sketch.

We've also enhanced dimensioning of sketches, and introduced the ability to mirror a sketch.  We think these new tools will increase the power of sketching with your design.

More sketching functions!


If you ever wondered how to make sure what’s the distance between two elements, or an angle within a sketch or different edges in your model, now there’s a simple solution.

123D Design 1.1 introduces the Dimension tool. It allows you to select two elements (can be bodies, faces, edges, lines) and display the resulting dimensions. 

New dimensioning and measurement capabilities!

Send to CNC Utility

123D Design 1.0 introduced options for directly sending the model to 123D Make, and also allowed you order a 3D print based on your current model. Now we have introduced an option to send the model to a CNC utility, which will lead you through all the steps for preparing your model for fabrication with a CNC device.

Send your model to your CNC device!



  • Chris Gavin

    I’d really like to see some text tools in this 123D Design for PC. I mean a proper text tool that lets me use my installed fonts. I need to make some 3D letters in a particular typeface. 123D Design v1.1 doesn’t seem to have a text tool at all, the web application seems to have one but a very limited set of fonts (not ones I can use). I’ve even tried setting the text in the 123 Beta 9 version, but I can’t seem to import those models into 123D Design v.1.1.
    Hope you can suggest something, I’m sure there are many users who would need to include text into their designs; especially for creating signs etc. Many Thanks

    • http://123dapp.com Andrew Taylor


      That’s a really good request – it’d mean allowing for 2D images to be recognized and extruded to a 3D object. I’ll forward to the dev team and see what it would take for future releases.