Nike debuts first-ever 3D printed football cleat.

Today, Nike Football debuted the Nike Vapor Laser Talon with a revolutionary 3D printed plate that will help football athletes perform at their best. In a version built to master the 40, the Nike Vapor Laser Talon weighs a mere 5.6 oz. and is specifically designed to provide optimal traction on football turf and to help athletes maintain their “drive stance” longer.  - See more by clicking the image above.

Wired 3D Print-Off is Still Taking Submissions!

If you look in the comments section of Wired's 3-D Print-Off, there's getting to be a pretty lively debate on what 3D printing should be used for.  "3D printed jewelry is cool, but a waste compared to the possibilities for the betterment of mankind", etc... That conversation seems to be a hot one but, despite the clamor, there's no denying that there are some pretty life-changing things being made.
With the release of apps like 123D Creature, the quality of models made with a high-end software and those created in a $2 iPad app is staggeringly similar.  The roadblocks for novice modelers are being removed - so give it a shot and submit your designs!
  • This flame that lives on the valve stem of your bike is a tire lever. Designed by Bailey Jones. - a Wired 3-D Print-Off submission

    This is a 3D printed hydraulic muscle. It is capable of exerting linear force.  - another 3-D Print-Off submission by Randy Sarafan


You CAN take it with you. ( With 123D Catch )

From 123D Blog editor and contributor, Andrew Taylor:   My wife and I recently took our honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia (which seems to be a common thing these days...), and she was extremely patient with my constant stopping to 'Capture' some of the carved sculptures and architecture in Bangkok and Siem Reap. Fortunately, I got some really good ones and processed them when we had a wi-fi connection.  I nearly lost them  all when I ran out of room on the server (I took a lot!) - the app froze and I kept getting an error message to let the processing finish, but a quick upgrade to Premium membership and some iOS file manipulation sorted it out.  (If you've run into this issue before, post below for the solution)

Buddha Feet printed at about 60% scale.

One of the better Catches came from video, oddly enough.  I took a ~20 second video and later played it full screen, hitting Cmd+Shift+3 screen captures every second or so.  Then I took those images and loaded them into the web and desktop 123D Catch app.  I think the softer focus of the video stills creates a more seamless model. Maybe someone else has had some experience with Catching from video?


First print of the Temple Lion

  I've managed to clean up some of the files like the Temple Lion, Buddha Feet and a carved dinosaur relief and printed them on our Objet printers (job perk!), and they're pretty awesome.  We get to relive the trip and we were kind of able to bring back some souvenirs that customs would have otherwise frowned upon. Next, I'm going to make a wooden replica of one of the Temple Lions using 123D Make and 1/4" plywood.  I think the resolution will be pretty good if the lion itself is around two feet high.  I'll do another post when it's finished.

Creature Creations Terrorize 123D Gallery

Looking around in the gallery today, and there's so many cool new models made in 123D Creature.  It's only been out a little over 24 hours since the release and the quality of creations is outstanding. Keep it up, and maybe we'll pull some to print...

New 123D iPad app for creating 3D Creatures!!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Autodesk 123D Creature, a new app on iPad specifically designed for creating 3D creatures and characters! Watch the launch video to see what 123D Creature is all about.


Making original characters with Autodesk 123D Creature starts with a simple skeleton creator where you lay out the basic anatomy of your creature. Then thicken, pose, detail, and paint your model using Multi-Touch gestures including sculpting and image paint tools - kind of like 123D Sculpt.

You can order a full color 3D print of your creature from Sculpteo directly from inside the app, or you can export an OBJ including textures via email or iTunes. You can also bring your creature into the Render room where you can adjust the lights, background, and filter effects to generate amazing scenes and images.

And the app is connected to your 123D account, so you can save your creatures to the cloud, and share them with the community.  We’re looking forward to seeing what people create, there are already some amazing creatures in the 123D Gallery from our beta testers.

This is our first single-purpose 123D app, so if you’ve try it out, let us know what you think. Also, 123D Creature is purpose-built for creating creatures, if there’s something there you think would be great to see in other apps, let us know at

123D Creature is now available on the App Store at a special price of $1.99 for a limited time!