123D Catch at Bay Area Maker Faire

We've been getting your emails about the models you received at this year's Bay Area Maker Faire.  Many of your models failed because the booth wasn't calibrated correctly - resulting in lots of bad Catches.

We're really sorry.

I know the line was long, and you were looking forward to getting your model.  After a lengthy career of being shipped and banged around, the mobile Catch booth didn't perform correctly and, unfortunately, we disappointed a lot of new users.

On the bright side, now I know what I would look like as the bad Terminator from T2.

If you've created your 123D account, you could also go to your model's edit page and download the photoset.  Some people have had success reprocessing the photos int the PC version by manually stitching an image or two. Here is a video on how to manually stitch in the PC version of 123D Catch.



From the 123D Gallery: Onoring

I first noticed Onoring's models when I featured his Hero2 GoPro mount on the 123D Gallery homepage.  He's been cranking out some pretty cool custom camera mounts for GoPros and other cameras, and (oddly enough) a model of the White House. Have a look at more here.

Maker Faire 2013 – what an event!

Wow, we're all reeling after such a huge weekend!There were so many great things about Maker Faire 2013: * Carl Bass announced the Autodesk acquisition of Tinkercad!  When I first heard they were shutting down, I know I wasn't the only one bummed out.  Kai and Co. did such a great job, that Autodesk couldn't just let it go away, so Voila... * SkeeBall!  After a really cool collaboration between Because We Can! and some of the Instructables' crew, MF visitors got to test their skills on a homemade skeeball game! * 123D Catch Booth! Visitors got to step inside our Catch booth to let 56 digital cameras take images of their head, which were uploaded and processed into a 3D model! * Instructables Map! Instructables authors are all over the world, and we showed off a giant map showing the authors' various locations. * Demos!  Renee Busse - SketchBook's Community Manager and I were showing off the latest versions of Sketchbook Pro and 123D Creature. Somewhere in there, a squirrel and a snow leopard made friends with some of the visitors.   Did you make it by our booth? Show us your pics at www.facebook.com/Autodesk123D  


From the 123D Gallery – Mio Tanaka

Every week, we try to highlight some cool work by specific users in the 123D Gallery.  Mio Tanaka's bicycle parts have been consistently cool.  Have a look! "I am not CAD professional.  I just start studying and make a plan. I was a graphic designer before, so I have knowledge of 2D design.  My parents ran a bicycle shop and I want to make the lightest bike (ex.made of plastic ) and bike accessories." (sic) - Mio Tanaka  

Tinkercad is back!

Over the weekend at Maker Faire, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass announced the Autodesk acquisition of Tinkercad!  When I first heard they were shutting down, I know I wasn't the only one bummed out.  Kai and Co. did such a great job, that Autodesk couldn't just let it go away, so Voila. As of 1pm on Saturday, Tinkercad is back online and you can create new accounts that are even more robust than before. Free accounts will now have access to store unlimited numbers of models, and to import 3D meshes in STL format and 2D files in SVG format for editing within Tinkercad. Free accounts will even have access to shape-scripting tools for generating 3D models parametrically - an option previously available only to paid accounts.

3D printing is so… dreamy.

I was watching Make's streaming video of the Hardware Innovation Workshop yesterday and heard Makies founder Alice Taylor talk about her experience as CEO of the creepy doll company.  (Which do NOT offer a shaved-head version, sadly).  THEN, I see on 3ders.org this morning that they got to present Prince Harry and David Cameron both with likenesses of themselves.  Good on you, Makie.  It's like every little girls dreams smashed into one article.  Here's the original post. Mini-Me's abound.

From the 123D Gallery – Jamie Hebert

Today we're focusing on Jamie Hebert! I've been following Jamie since his first models "Old Cajun" and "T-Boy" made it into the gallery.  I spent a big part of my adolescence in Southeast Texas and Louisiana, and get a little homesick for the Creole hospitality..! There are lots of creative uses for 123D Creature out there, but not many architecture models, and we were completely blown away by the French Quarter Houses Jamie published. Great work Jamie, keep it up!  

From the 123D Gallery: Amanda Jackson

Frog Prince - by Amanda Jackson

Frog Prince - by Amanda Jackson

As part of a recurring focus on 123D users, we wanted to spotlight Amanda Jackson! Amanda has been calling on her experience as an illustrator to consistently bang out some great 3D figures in 123D Creature for iPad.  Check out her Gallery Page to see more models and her Personal Site!

123D Design + MakerBot + iPhone = iFlyer

I just finished a little project using 123D Design and a Makerbot - I wanted a way to make little POV videos with an iPhone, so I modeled a clip that fit over my phone (with the case still on!) and supported a small model plane in front of the camera.  Added a little Flight of the Valkyries and walked around the neighborhood. See the Instructable here.