Photo Diary: Kansas City Maker Faire 2013 – Day One

After a long first day at the beautiful Union Station in Kansas City (and a much-too-big plate of BBQ), I wanted to share some pics from this year's KC Maker Faire.  Enjoy! More to come...    

Photo Diary: Kansas City Maker Faire 2013 – Hammerspace

We were setting up the booth today at KC Maker Faire and realized that we didn't bring enough PLA for our MakerBot!  So we decided to reach out to a local hackerspace to see if we could snag some.  We heard good things about the space and were impressed when we got there.  It's got a full wood shop, some milling equipment, a giant laser and it seems like every member has their own 3D printer!

Hammerspace member Paul Leonard and his 3D printed gear-for-gear enlargement of a post-war Japanese bear toy.

If you're in town for MFKC or haven't been there yet, stop by and say hi to the founder, Dave.  (And ask him about his grandfather's Wright brother story.)  

ShopBot Tools’ Handibot Kickstarter now online

At this year's Bay Area Maker Faire, we got to preview ShopBot Tools' newest lil box of awesome - the Handibot - and today they launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise $125k for full-scale production.

It's pretty great. Imagine a tiny little 3-axis CNC router that you can plug into a standard 110V outlet and buzz out perfectly detailed scrollwork.  THEN just stick it back in your toolbox..!

We love it for its ingenuity, but it's also super-simple to use with 123D apps' CNC utility.  We're working directly with ShopBot to build simple integrations into their tools, and I'm looking forward to carving something up with one of these little guys.

The Handibot takes a 1/8" or 1/4" shank bit and has a 6"x8"x4" x/y/z bed size.  But because of its portability, you could enlarge that indefinitely with some sort of registration markings.

We love the folks at ShopBot and wish them luck in their campaign.  We may even need to get one for the new office. Stay tuned to the blog and Facebook, we're headed to Maker Faire Kansas City this weekend and we'll get some more updates from the North-Carolinians.

As of this posting, they've raised over $49k.

M.C. Langer – Pew! Pew!

You may remember our last post on Mario Caicedo Langer - a recent Instructables' Artist-in-Residence.  Well, someone gave him the key to our new 3D print lab and he's coming up with some pretty awesome models using 123D Design and an Objet 3D printer.

Mario's latest is a "Missile Launcher Tank", based on an old G.I. Joe vehicle.  It's pretty great (it actually shoots missiles!), but what I really took away from the Instructable is the fact that even a complete novice to 3D technology can imagine, design and ultimately, create a fully-functioning "thing" with just a little guidance.  Yes, the printers are expensive and not everyone has access to one, but (and I'm showing my age) I remember when VCRs received the same criticism.

At the very least, I completely admire Mario's dedication to 'play'.  In person, he's crazy-excited and enthusiastic about most things, and even more so at the potential of making NEW things. That's hugely refreshing in a space that sometimes lets the limitations of a new technology overshadow its potential.  Keep it up, Mario!

Looking through his past Instructables; best line ever: "And sometimes in some emergencies, we think 'It would be good if someone had a gun like Batman's'."

Read the tank's full Instructable here.

New Digs

As of Monday, June 24, the Autodesk 123D team and Instructables will be co-habitating.  Sharing sinks, sergers and soldering irons will be interesting, but the possibilities for shenanigans is boundless. We here have been insanely blessed with crazy-awesome new facility where a full scale 3D print shop, machine shop, and all around rad workspace is literally 50 feet from our desks. Stay tuned for our family updates, for now, here's some pix before anyone dirties up the place. Yes, the conference table swings.  Yes, that's a 5-axis mill. And yes, that's an MCOR 3D paper printer.  *drool*  

Awesome 123D Design Tutorials – by Kacie Hultgren

  You may know about the 3D Printing Training Camp put on by Makezine - it's a pretty thorough course, using 123D Design as reference. Well, Kacie Hultgren (AKA PrettySmallThings) has very awesomely posted the videos to her YouTube channel!  If you've been looking for tutorials on 123D Design, these are a really great place to start.  

 In the 3-D printing universe, Kacie Hultgren is better known as PrettySmallThings.  Kacie is a scenic designer in the theatre industry, and was recently profiled in Stage Directions and Wired for her work using her 3D Printer to create scale set models. Her delicate designs are Thingiverse favorites.  She is an expert AutoCAD user, and brings enthusiasm for craft & design to 3D printing.

From the 123D Gallery: Phox Kun

Today just felt like "cute little dinosaur" day, so here's some of Phox Kun's work.  Enjoy!

From the 123D Gallery: Joe Batty

Today we're highlighting 123D user Joe Batty.  Great work Joe - keep it up!!

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From the 123D Gallery: Miguel Trujeque

There are a lot of cool models being made with 123D Creature.  This week, we look at Miguel Trujeque's work!