Halloween(3D)! Playing with 123D at the Autodesk offices.

We've been getting into the spirit of Halloween at the Autodesk offices, and I'm taking the opportunity to test what I can do with the 123D apps.  

123D Make is great for making models at a larger scale cheaply and quickly.  Granted, we have some Epilog lasers at the shop that sure beat an Xacto knife, but it's all stuff you can do with technology that's available to you, either by hand or through 3D printer service, or your own machines.  123D Creature has an awesome community that is making some pretty impressive monsters, and Tinkercad is great for some quick fixes to 3D models.


Cardboard Cthulhu at Autodesk offices.

Cthulhu Guards the Gold:
I made a big cardboard Cthulhu based on a 123D Creature model by super-user Amanda Jackson to lord over the snack machines in Autodesk's Pier 9 kitchen.  In the 123D Gallery, there are literally thousands of models to choose from - and there's no better tool than 123D Make to make it big.  Just grab some glue.


cardboard devil in 123D make

Cardboard Devil:
I came across a really great model of the devil character from Legend.  The Tim Curry-Satan guy.  All I can remember is him hissing at Tom Cruise, 'Boiyyyyy...'.  This particular model is cool because it started out as a Darth Maul bust by Adam Beamish, then Kaj Steveman took the wireframe and ran with it to create The Darkness.  Now he lives at my desk.  Next, I'm going to paint him the appropriate red and black.



This one seems to be an office favorite - I love using RGB LED strips and I wanted to use the semi-transparent nature of 3D prints as a lamp.  It's pretty great, and remote controlled! 


Goldfish Ghost: 
For the Goldfish Ghost project, I just grabbed a great model from Tinkercad by user Chuck Norris (I really really hope it's really Mr. Norris), and ordered some Encapso from Smooth-On.  Voila - Ghost Fish!


There are some more in the works from me, but stay tuned to the Instructables' Make it REALly Scary contest to see other great projects..! 


Shanghai Maker Carnival


This past weekend the 123D Shanghai team sponsored the biggest maker gathering of  2013 at the Shanghai Maker Carnival.


We set up a big booth and brought all of our 123D products, Instructables, and VEX Assembler to introduce them to the Chinese makers, professors, students, parents, and kids in attendance. 


Over the span of two days our booth got thousands of visitors, allowing us to meet so many people. We even had one of our product managers, Guillermo, deliver a speech that was very warmly received by the audience.


Seeing everyone's happy, smiling faces as they engaged with our products and organization was very exciting. Check out the picture below to see the happiness for yourself!




3D Printing and Biotech

I think we all know that those of us on the 123D team are stoked about 3D printing - why else would we be in this business, after all? We love seeing the amazing ideas that our community designs and brings to life, as they consistently challenge our notions about just how far 3D printing can reach. 

One of the places that 3D printing is venturing into right now is the medical world, and this is a pairing we are so excited to learn more about. The humanitarian components of 3D printing have already had a huge impact, from reducing costs and time spent on various medical practices to providing a means for rapid prototyping that allows makers to rely on themselves rather than corrupt or unresponsive systems.

A key aspects of this movement is that it is being powered by individuals in addition to companies. Makers are using their personal 3D printers to drastically improve the landscape around them, like this hackerspace in Haiti creating and improving umbilical cord clamps. Doing so allows them to avoid going the traditional manufacturing route for medical products that are sorely needed.

From makezine.com

Another innovation in the world of personal medical 3D printing is in the realm of prosthetics. Right now the average prosthetic to replace a limb costs upwards of $100,000, and isn’t necessarily made to fit the body of the person who it will belong to. For children the process of replacing limbs gets even more complicated, because kids grow so quickly. This leads to them having to pay $100,000 way too frequently for a prosthetic that will quickly become too tight, and therefore cause pain and decrease function. Read this touching story to see just how much 3D printing will influence the life of a 2 year old girl in need of prosthetic hands.


From robohand.net 

Imagine a world where medical technology is innovated by those who it impacts most, those who understand the implications of one minor change. It's exciting to be in a time where this world is becoming a reality, and we are extra excited that our software can help play a role. 

Have you ever thought about applying your 3D printing skills towards the advancement of medicine? We would love to hear about your ideas in the comments. 

East Bay Mini Maker Faire


The spirit of making was alive and well at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire this last weekend, with thousands of people gathering to explore the innovations and creativity of local Bay Area folks. Children of all ages explored hands-on exhibits from beekeeping, to 3D printing, to large-scale pyrotechnics.


Caution: awesome


There was something for everyone


As 3D printing enthusiasts ourselves, it was especially exciting seeing kids not only interested in learning more about 3D printing, but taking to it so quickly that it was almost like a second nature to them. In addition to playing with 3D printed objects and watching the various 3D printers do their thing, they logged into the 3D design software and started creating their own ideas without any instruction. It was amazing!


It was inspiring seeing how quickly the next generation is taking to having a hand in the world around them. All in all it was a great day of learning, sharing, and making under the warm Oakland sun! 


Learn how to create and share your Projects on 123D

We've been hard at work on the 123D website, and added an important new set of features to help you organize and share your projects. One of the strengths of the 123D offering is how you can use our various tools together to create amazing things - a capture from 123D Catch can be customized in 123D Design, and then sent to a laser cutter using 123D Make. However, up until now we didn't have the tools that let you organize all the related files for a project, and share them. That's changed, with the introduction of our Projects feature.

You'll notice that there is a new category on our site: when you use the Explore menu and browse projects, you'll see a new gallery containing finished (or continuing) projects from other users. When you create a project by using the Create A Project link in the Projects gallery, you can add images of the finished projects, multiple design files from 123D, or supporting files imported from other sources - in short, everything you need to share your project in such a way that someone else can learn from it and work with it.

You can just start a project, and then add models using the 123D Models tab:

However, if you're browsing our models gallery for inspiration and you see something that strikes your fancy, you can choose to add it to a new or existing project:

We think this is a great way to browse the model gallery, find things that interest you, and start gathering them together in one place. In many cases, you can then open and edit those files right in your browser using one of our online apps.

There's a lot more to discover: we've enhanced all of our gallery views to better support mobile devices, and we are in the process of deploying a more flexible website infrastructure, that will let us improve your user experience more quickly and easily.

Of course, we've done a lot in a short amount of time, so we might need to polish up parts of the experience - please excuse the dust during construction! If you want to give us feedback, please send email to 123dwebsupport@autodesk.com



Reminder – Vote for 123D in the 3D Printshow Awards

With 15 days left, it's not too late to vote for 123D Creature in the 3D Printshow Awards. Click here to vote now! 

Also, if you find yourself in London between November 7-9, or in Paris November 15-16 for 3D Printshow itself, come say hi to us! We would love to meet you and hear about everything you're doing with 123D and 3D printing.




We've officially launched a contest on Instructables called Make it Real-ly Scary with 123D

The contest runs through the end of October and is open call for people to use any of the 123D apps as a component to their Halloween project.  It can be as simple as remixing another user's model or as time-consuming as laser-cutting a giant Cthulhu that terrorizes the kitchen at the Autodesk offices.  

We have some pretty great prizes too! Our friends at Zebra Imaging and iMaterialise are the Prize Providers for the contest and have forked over some pretty righteous goods.  Grand prize is a HUGE hologram (24"x34") from Zebra Imaging, $100 print credit with iMaterialise, and a 2-year Premium membership to 123D!  Zebra hasn't offered this size hologram directly to our users before, so we're excited to see one.

Good luck!

Fashion and your 3D Printer

The greatest thing about 3D printing technology is being able to design and refine the products you want to create. This has led to innovations across technologies, from 3D printing prosthetic limbs to aiding astronauts at the International Space Station.

But 3D Printing is bringing industries that have not traditionally existed in the 3D realm to the forefront of new technology. Fashion is quickly making a name for itself by bringing clothing, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, and more to the 3D world. Designers are innovating left and right, using their 3D printers to accommodate a more customer-centric approach, like Continuum which lets customers design and personalize their garments before they get printed, like the shoes below. Even companies like Makerbot and Materialise are on board with making 3D fashion available to all, acknowledging that, "ready-to-wear 3D-printed clothing is fast becoming an influential force in the world of fashion."


 from www.designboom.com


The Huffington Post makes a well-informed prediction: “As the technology advances and prices continue to drop, everyday Internet users may soon start drawing their wardrobes on a desktop.” With 3D design software becoming more accessible to individuals, as opposed to just professionals, there are fewer obstacles than ever create what you want for yourself with minimal costs. Whether it’s printing a pair of shoes to go perfectly with an outfit you bought, or designing a necklace for your friend’s birthday present, it’s clear that 3D printing technology has evolved beyond the exclusive realm of the professional into the hands of makers, creators, and DIYers.


from www.shapeways.com


3D printing technology is already changing the fashion world, so head over to the 123D gallery to get inspired and join the movement. You can grab yourself a pair of cufflinks while you're there - or better yet, make your own!


by vizfab

Educators – Get a discounted 3d printer!

Back to school is the reason for the season, and we are celebrating with serious discounts on all the 3D design school supplies you need. Autodesk 123D has created a discounted package that includes both 123D Premium and a MakerBot Replicator 2 at a cost cheaper than the printer just by itself.

So to break it down you get the following...

                                                                                                         One Year                        Two Year


…all for less than if you bought only the printer. That’s $1,979, a serious price break on the printer alone, and even moreso when you consider everything that comes with it. 3D printing in your classroom has never been so affordable! Be sure to pass the deal along to educators, your children’s teachers, or anyone else who will benefit from this great deal.

Head over to www.123dapp.com/education to get your bundle now before this offer runs out.