Black Friday deals on Makerbot and 123D

The Autodesk 123D team is pleased to bring you some awesome Black Friday deals on Makerbot and 123D Premium membership! On top of our already attractive bundle offers, for the first 100 buyers we're now including $500 worth of discount coupons for use with our 3D printing partners, Sculpteo and i.materialise. And that's not all: by using the "blackfriday" promo code when you check out, you can get an additional $300 off when you sign up for a 2 year membership bundle.

You'll get:

  • The latest Makerbot, with a custom 123D faceplate
  • Additional spools of PLA
  • All the benefits of 123D membership, including Instructables Pro membership and associated benefits and discounts
  • and more!

You may ask yourself, why would you need $500 worth of 3D printing services when you are ordering a 3D printer of your own? Well, consider the possibilities: you can prototype on your Makerbot, and then get finished pieces made in metal, ceramic or full color. Imagine how your friends and loved ones will react when you show them how your 3D creations can really come to life when made in luxurious and durable materials... Check out the materials on offer from Sculpteo and i.materialise, and be inspired!

Make sure you're in the front of the line for the $500 3D printing services offer (without having to camp out all night) and go to our Black Friday deal page right now!


123D Creations with Dazed and Confused: Part 2

Today we bring you part 2 of our installment on 123D Creations with Dazed and Confused. This week's focus is on world renowned artist Clement Valla. Clement has been a long time researcher into technology and its role in Fine Art and creative expression. When working with 123D Catch he became inspired by the "texture maps" that exist in the intermediary between capturing a 3D image and refining said image. 



Ultimately what Valla communicates is the apophenia, or "the very human tendency to see meaningful patterns in noise, such as faces in clouds," that exists in the 123D Catch capture process. For more details on this amazing project, visit Dazed online.

Merci Beaucoup! 3D Print Show Paris All Wrapped Up.

Whoo - after a long week of flying and chunneling, we ended a great week of 3D Print Shows.  London was very exciting, with people from all over coming to say hi and learn more about 3D modeling. 

Based in the Carrousel de Louvre, it was essentially a remix of the London show, only with a lot more French. By the end of the week, my technical (if not conversational) French was parfait, but fortunately, our awesome Paris Autodesk staff came by to help bridge the language barrier.

Some attendees were professionals looking for new ways to model, like with MeshMixer or 123D Make, others just wandered in from the Louvre, not knowing what they were getting themselves into.  But in all, the show was a success and it fit nicely in one of the oldest museums in Europe.

Thanks to everyone who came by - maybe we'll see you next year!

More content, more 3D model downloads from 123D Content Library

When you're working on a 3D modeling project, it's really helpful to be able to draw from an extensive library of professionally created models to use as a starting point. Basic components like spheres, cylinders and boxes are useful, but sometimes you really need a schoolbus or a dinosaur to to take your project to the next level.

 We've offered premium 3d model downloads to our premium members for a while, but we've just made changes to make these models more accessible and usable to all of our members.

We've taken the existing premium models, added nearly 7,000 3D models, and are introducing this as the 123D Content Library. In addition, we've changed the membership entitlements around the 123D Content Library: our premium members now have unlimited downloads (vs. 10/month previously), and our free members now have 10/month (vs. none previously). If you are a free member and would like access to more than 10 models/month, upgrading is easy and affordable. Both free and premium members continue to have free access to 3d models shared by other members of the community.

You can access the 123D Content Library models quickly and easily through a new search filter in the 123D gallery, as shown below (There is still a filter for Premium content, but all the existing Premium models, and more, are now part of the 123D Content Library. Going forward, we'll be offering exclusive licensed content. Stay tuned!)

A lot of the models in the 123D Content Library are 3D printable meshes - these now work really well in Tinkercad, Meshmixer and 123D Design Online. You can have a lot of fun creating mashups and remixes, and combining them with models from 123D Catch or 123D Creature. For example, we combined a 123D Catch scan of our youngest and most trusted beta tester with a horse from the 123D Content Library and created this awesome centaur, in just minutes!

What  can you make with models from the 123D Content Library? Have a look through our collection of nearly 10,000 professionally created models, and see what inspires you!

Batkid’s Key To Gotham

Five year old cancer survivor Miles Scott's wish to be a superhero was granted today in a massive, stop the presses, shut down parts of the city, call the president, holy meatballs Batkid - kind of way.

This is SUCH a heartstring-tugging story it wouldn't be right to talk about any one person's or company's contribution without prefacing it with the contributions of over 11,000 Make A Wish Foundation volunteers.  For more details check out this Buzfeed article as it does a fine job showing the events that unfolded through the eyes of many.

Here Mayor Ed Lee (Chief Gordon) presents Miles Scott (Batkid) with today's SF Chronicle and the key to SF (Gotham City).  Photo: Raphael Kluzniok, The Chronicle

SF Batkid in front of City Hall

Here's a little bit about Autodesk's part.

Having recently toured Autodesk's new Pier 9 facility and machine shop, the Mayor knew he could count on Autodesk to build a befitting Key To The City.  Without going into too much detail here it is (showing both sides).


With the design complete the first step was to use a beam of high pressure water mixed with sand to cut the key out of 1/4" aluminum.


The second step involved drying then cleaning the key in a sand blasting chamber.


The third step was to spray the key with special ceramic paint that when lazed turns jet black.


The final step was to laze the graphics onto the special paint.


Autodesk was proud to play a part in Miles' wish, and we hope he uses his new key to San Francisco to come back and visit often.


123D Creations with Dazed and Confused

By now you've likely heard about the brand new 123D Catch for iOS 7 - it makes turning photographs into detailed 3D models even faster and easier - read more about the improvements here.

To celebrate the release we want to share an amazing story that combines the technology of 123D Catch with the beauty of art by announcing 123D Creations! This project comes in collaboration with our friends over at Dazed and Confused, and together we embarked on a journey with four artists to explore their creativity using 3D design and printing technology. Over the next month we will share how the artists have used the Autodesk 123D suite to express themselves. 

For the first installation, artist Lawrence Lek opted to use 123D Catch to create a piece he calls "KI$$." Check out the video below to see how Lek transformed his vision into a tangible reality using 123D Catch.



Isn't that amazing? Head over to Dazed for more details, and don't forget to keep checking back here for upcoming projects over the next few weeks!



123D Catch for iOS7: All grown up!!

It is my great pleasure to announce a brand spankin' new 123D Catch for all iOS devices running iOS7. 123D Catch is available at the AppStore right now here!!

 123D Catch: All grown up. Now for iOS 7

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I have to let you know that 123D Catch has grown up today. You can see the difference in our faithful volunteer/poster child, Aidan, who has also grown up. See his captures above from when we first launched 123D Catch two years ago, and compare it to those from the new version. Check out this quick video peek at what's in store with this monumental upgrade:


Under the hood (aka in the cloud), processing your captures has been completely reworked with you in mind! The new 123D Catch pipeline significantly improves on the old process: stitching all of your capture photos together automatically, and creating detailed 3D images with crisp photo-real textures. Yes, gone are the days of manual stitching!!

That's only on the backend...we've also designed a brand new, slick app exclusively for iOS 7. Some highlights and geek speak:

  • Guided capture: dynamic visual feedback while capturing to ensure you are shooting the best possible photographs.
  • Engage with and follow other 3D photographers and their projects in the gallery.
  • Increased photo limit to 70 photographs so you can ensure complete coverage.
  • Advanced 3D previews of captures in the gallery
  • Processing higher resolution images means finer details in your capture.
  • App will now wait for a wifi connection to upload photographs for a capture, unless you explicitly tap the go ahead to use your data plan.
We hope you are as excited about these new updates as we are! Be sure to check back into the blog tomorrow for an amazing project that exemplifies all the amazing new things 123D Catch can do.
Visit for more info!


Make It REAL-ly Scary with 123D and Tinkercad: Contest Winners Announced!

Creepy Head Halloween Candy Bowl by HollyMann

It was a hard job, but we've finalized the winners of our Halloween 123D Contest on Instructables!  There were some really great entries, but our judges have spoken.  Check out the winners:

The Grand Prize went to HollyMann for her Creepy Head Halloween Candy Bowl model!  She's won a Zebra Imaging holographic 24x34 print, color, with frame and light, $100 in iMaterialise 3D print credit and a 123D prize pack including a 123D t-shirt and 2 year Premium Membership, as well as an Instructables prize pack including a robot t-shirt.

 The First Place winners were: Creating a Witch with 123D Creature by Adam BeamishScary 5ft jack-in-the-box (from Tinkercad … by lockershop; and Pumpkin BBQ by nathan nash.  They scored one Zebra imaging holographic 8x10 print, color, with frame and light, $50 in iMaterialise 3D print credit, a 123D prize pack including a 123D t-shirt and 1 year Premium Membership and an Instructables prize pack.

The Runners Up won some great stuff too! A discount for 20% off an iMaterialise 3D print, a 123D prize pack including a t-shirt and 1 Month Premium Membership and an Instructables prize pack.

Thanks to Zebra imaging, iMaterialise and Instructables for their help with contest and prizes, but even bigger thanks to all the entrants - keep it up and look for more challenges soon!

MakerBot and Autodesk Partner to Crowdsource 3D Printers in Schools!

It's funny that right after our last post about Obama's Industrial Revolution speech in 3D, we got confirmation of a rad new program for high schools!

Beginning November 12, 2013, individuals and corporations interested in helping get MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers in schools can visit, a crowd funding site just for teachers, and pledge to financially support the program. Teachers then register on for a MakerBot Academy bundle. MakerBot is contributing its own resources to launch this education initiative, along with Autodesk and other key partners.

This initiative is a unique partnership between MakerBot, America Makes, and Autodesk, and was a response to a call to action by the President of the United States. In the recent State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama announced a new initiative to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. He affirmed, “3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. We must ensure that the Next Industrial Revolution in manufacturing will happen in America. We can get that done.”

Each MakerBot Academy bundle contains a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer, three spools of MakerBot® PLA Filament, and a full year of the MakerBot MakerCare™ Service and Protection Plan. MakerBot will also support the teachers with the development of ongoing 3D printing curriculum that teachers can participate in and utilize in the classroom. MakerBot will leverage Autodesk’s software and educator curriculum as well.

“Autodesk signed on as a key partner in the MakerBot Academy initiative because helping students unlock their creativity and prepare for future careers is a core part of our mission,” said Samir Hanna, Autodesk vice president, consumer products. “Bringing together accessible applications like Autodesk TinkerCAD project-based curriculum from our community and the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer will inspire and engage the next generation of design-minded students.”

MakerBot is also launching a MakerBot Thingiverse Math Manipulatives Challenge. Math Manipulatives are one of the most requested items on and are an item that can easily be 3D printed in the classroom. The MakerBot Thingiverse website will hold a week-long design challenge, from November 12 through 18, 2013, for its members to quickly develop a variety of different math manipulative 3D designs that can then be available immediately to teachers that receive the MakerBot Academy 3D printing package.

What can you do??

A. Visit and pledge your support. Individuals and corporations can help fund the MakerBot Academy 3D Printing package by making a tax-deductible donation via

B. Tell schoolteachers about the MakerBot Academy program and encourage them to register on right away. Students and their community can also help teachers raise the additional funds they need to bring the MakerBot Academy 3D Printing bundle into the classroom.

C. Participate in the Thingiverse Challenge to develop models teachers can use to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

D. Visit For more information on supporting or registering for the program, visit

So join us in this effort (at an individual or corporate level) to help move America’s students to the forefront of technology and global competitiveness..!

3D Printed Visualization of Barack Obama Speech at London 3D Print Show

"New industrial revolution" is a visual representation of the audio from President Obama's "New Industrial Revolution" State of the Union Speech by artist Gilles Azzaro.  We had the chance to see it in person at the London 3D Print Show last week - it's pretty great! Here's some video we took - and more info at

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