123D Catch for iOS7: All grown up!!

It is my great pleasure to announce a brand spankin' new 123D Catch for all iOS devices running iOS7. 123D Catch is available at the AppStore right now here!!

 123D Catch: All grown up. Now for iOS 7

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I have to let you know that 123D Catch has grown up today. You can see the difference in our faithful volunteer/poster child, Aidan, who has also grown up. See his captures above from when we first launched 123D Catch two years ago, and compare it to those from the new version. Check out this quick video peek at what's in store with this monumental upgrade:


Under the hood (aka in the cloud), processing your captures has been completely reworked with you in mind! The new 123D Catch pipeline significantly improves on the old process: stitching all of your capture photos together automatically, and creating detailed 3D images with crisp photo-real textures. Yes, gone are the days of manual stitching!!

That's only on the backend...we've also designed a brand new, slick app exclusively for iOS 7. Some highlights and geek speak:

  • Guided capture: dynamic visual feedback while capturing to ensure you are shooting the best possible photographs.
  • Engage with and follow other 3D photographers and their projects in the gallery.
  • Increased photo limit to 70 photographs so you can ensure complete coverage.
  • Advanced 3D previews of captures in the gallery
  • Processing higher resolution images means finer details in your capture.
  • App will now wait for a wifi connection to upload photographs for a capture, unless you explicitly tap the go ahead to use your data plan.
We hope you are as excited about these new updates as we are! Be sure to check back into the blog tomorrow for an amazing project that exemplifies all the amazing new things 123D Catch can do.
Visit www.123dapp.com/catch for more info!



  • Lee Carlson

    Is there any plan to bring this to Android? You know, the OS with over 80% market share.

    • steven75

      80% market share, half of which are $100 Chinese brand tablets that don’t even have Google Play loaded on them which makes the 80% number meaningless.

      • Lee Carlson

        Edited. Happy?

        Fact of the matter is I’ve been an Autodesk user since 1989. AutoCAD, Inventor, 3DS, ALGOR, etc. I don’t want to be forced to buy an iProduct to enjoy some of the newer offerings. This isn’t a case of needing a powerful tablet. The compass and accelerometers in my S4 (even my old Droid X) could be used in the same way as the components on the iPhones. The heavy lifting is done in the cloud so it’s not like this is processor intense application.

        My original comment was posted to spark a dialog from developers. Not somebody taking offense to the numbers and posting unfounded “half of which” replies. Let’s just focus on the US market and the US customers. My engineering firm is roughly 50/50 with iphone vs Android. So half of our engineers cannot use the software as it exists today.

        • steven75

          I cannot argue with that–Android has a large presence.

          I only took offense to Android has 80% of the market” which is not the same as “80% of the downloadable app market.” Things swing a lot more towards iOS when you talk about app downloads, especially anything that costs money.

          It’s also a lot easier to target a a platform that only has a few different hardware models.

          Do you feel you are “forced” to buy Windows when using desktop AutoCAD? Why or why not?

          • swisschamp

            No 1 mobile platform worldwide now is clearly Android. Regarding apps and regarding downloads … and there’s much more hardware available. E.g. there are tablets with ‘mouseover’, pens, higher resolution (than iPAD) etc. regarding functionality much better then any iOS device.

        • TPJ

          I hear where you are coming from: I have a Mac laptop so cannot use the desktop version of 123D Catch (or some other Autodesk products). I’m glad the web version exists, and apparently is more up-to-date, because otherwise I’d be stuck.

          In the same vein, we got MUCH better results using a DSLR camera and the web version than we did with the previous iOS version. I’m going to try a couple of captures this weekend to see how the iOS version might have improved. My first try was pretty miserable, but I shot in less-than-optimal conditions. Even if I get better results, I doubt I would use it for our production work unless it’s way improved. I’m considering the iOS version to be for fun and personal use.

          Long story short: you might be better off using the desktop than worrying about Android vs iOS. You might even be able to use the ‘droid to take the photos if you don’t want to use a separate camera.

      • swisschamp

        That’s just Android bashing and not true. Android Market is bigger and has now even more downloads than the iOS app store. Just facts, but I know … iguys don’t like this facs …

  • TPJ

    I tried out the iOS 7 version of the app and there is a lot to like! The guided capture is useful, especially the photo review and guided RE-capture. Feedback as the model is being processed is a lot more useful than I remember from previous version.

    One request: in image preview mode, add the ability to move between images by swiping. Unless I totally missed it, right now we have to go back to overview/gallery mode to move to another image. Swiping would be way more efficient.

  • James Greene

    Hmm. not upgrading to iOS 7 until it’s jailbroken… guess I’ll have to wait to try this one out.

  • MookieMu

    Android version would be nice.

  • moegamat

    Why is there no android variant, since it is a free platform, I’m tired of the constant ios support in the open market

  • Kelly Runyon

    Droid version, please.

  • Evan Ing

    I like how every comment on here’s is at least discussing the android market. seriously though. android users have been asking this since it first released.

  • Andreas Normand Grøntved

    … holy crap!

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  • Johannes Marais

    Android version is desperately needed!

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  • http://shalomormsby.com Shalom Ormsby

    Brilliant work on the new iOS app! I love everything about it. I really like the focus on greater community engagement. One new feature I really love it the ability to customize thumbnails. And it’s great how the 3D image builds upward as it’s preparing to display. Bravo!

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  • Modelitup

    I’m hopeful your creating an Android version of this product.