Batkid’s Key To Gotham

Five year old cancer survivor Miles Scott's wish to be a superhero was granted today in a massive, stop the presses, shut down parts of the city, call the president, holy meatballs Batkid - kind of way.

This is SUCH a heartstring-tugging story it wouldn't be right to talk about any one person's or company's contribution without prefacing it with the contributions of over 11,000 Make A Wish Foundation volunteers.  For more details check out this Buzfeed article as it does a fine job showing the events that unfolded through the eyes of many.

Here Mayor Ed Lee (Chief Gordon) presents Miles Scott (Batkid) with today's SF Chronicle and the key to SF (Gotham City).  Photo: Raphael Kluzniok, The Chronicle

SF Batkid in front of City Hall

Here's a little bit about Autodesk's part.

Having recently toured Autodesk's new Pier 9 facility and machine shop, the Mayor knew he could count on Autodesk to build a befitting Key To The City.  Without going into too much detail here it is (showing both sides).


With the design complete the first step was to use a beam of high pressure water mixed with sand to cut the key out of 1/4" aluminum.


The second step involved drying then cleaning the key in a sand blasting chamber.


The third step was to spray the key with special ceramic paint that when lazed turns jet black.


The final step was to laze the graphics onto the special paint.


Autodesk was proud to play a part in Miles' wish, and we hope he uses his new key to San Francisco to come back and visit often.