Electrify Your Napkin Sketches With Circuit Scribe

You might have heard of Circuit Scribe by Electroninks and their very successful Kickstarter campaign. We're pleased to announce that Electroninks will be selling Circuit Scribe through the new 123D Circuits store!

Electroninks & Autodesk Join Forces

Circuit Scribe Kickstarter backers now have the ability to manage their pledge, and anyone can browse and purchase complete Kits or individual Pens and Modules from the 123D Circuit store. By setting up a free account, you'll also be able to keep track of the Modules you already own. To learn more about Circuit Scribe, click here

"With our Circuit Scribe conductive pens and circuit modules, we’re introducing a new era of electronics prototyping and learning that is affordable, accessible, and fun. Through our partnership with Autodesk, we will open the doors even wider by providing a platform for circuit simulation to the education and maker communities,” said Analisa Russo, lead developer of the Electroninks Circuit Scribe.  “We hope that our new marketplace and online tools will inspire creativity among makers of all ages and skill levels.”


*Spoiler Alert!*

As a natural extension of our partnership with Electroninks, Kickstarter backers will soon be able to join the 123D Circuits community with the upcoming release of the Circuit Scribe Virtual Editor, exclusively created by the 123D Circuits team to emulate Circuit Scribe Pens and Modules. This editor will allow you to design, simulate, print out, and draw over your circuit. Here’s a sneak peek! And let us know if you'd like to be notified via email when it launches...

“Circuit Scribe is a truly a revolutionary tool to electrify circuit drawings and we’re thrilled to partner with Electroninks to provide students and makers with a fun way to learn about electricity and circuits, while adding a new dimension to their creations,” said Benjamin Schrauwen, product line manager and architect of 123D Circuits. “This is also a great extension to our 123D Circuits users in combining a virtual simulation platform for conductive ink with the actual hardware.”

Circuit Scribe Virtual Editor Edition. Coming Soon...



  • Kim

    Does circuit scribe has an journal or some sort of research paper?

  • Mac McCown

    Wow, i just heard about this on reddit! how amazing… now all you have to do is do it to walls, and sell thin metal sheets that go behind your sheetrock…