123D Catch now on Android

123D Catch for Android is here!

Ever since we launched 123D Catch in late 2011, I've heard overwhelming requests from the Android community for a 123D Catch app compatible for their device. 

Today, I am happy to announce 123D CATCH FOR ANDROID IS HERE!!

See 123D Catch for Android on Google Play.

Its the first 123D app on Android by popular demand and compatible with most phones and tablets. So check it out!


Create captures on the go using your Android device, and edit them for 3D printing on your computer with Meshmixer.  All of your captures are saved in one place on your account at 123dapp.com.



  • JLynn Cameron

    Can’t BELIEVE this has no comments…this is ingenious.

  • Jay Chris

    Been trying it all day on Note 2 and I have 3 captures all in ‘Processing Photos’ for almost 8 hours now. No problems with uploads. What can be causing this? Also, where are the pictures stored? I was hoping to upload it onto my PC so that I can process it via the desktop app.

    • christian

      We had a server overload, and fixed it last week. They should be finished and servers are caught up now.

    • Yuriy Sklyar

      How many photos per object did you take?

      • Steven Marshall

        I’m having the same problem :(, one project of 11 photos uploaded fine and processing is still sitting at 0% i uploaded it about 20hrs ago.

    • Bruce Brown

      Data wasting app. Cannot access photos on phone until processing complete.Can’t copy to PC for editing prior to processing. Any pictures not up to scratch can stop successful online processing. If processing fails, can make copy of pics which can then be edited on PC and then re-submitted. A waste of time

  • Benjamin J. Snider

    Oh thank you so much for finally doing this, I’ve been wanting this app for Android since I discovered 123D and I refuse to downgrade (technology-wise) to one of those overpriced iPOS device s.

  • Kevin

    Not compatible on HTC my touch (glacier)

  • Lennart Aspenryd

    How can I get a prober file too distribute!
    I like the result I get! ;-)

  • Tsai Yi Jier

    other 123D apps for android please

  • martin pedersen

    hey just discovered this app – so gave it a try. In order to use it I had to create a account/log in on my mobile device – so far so good. Then once I wanted to download the 3D files I had to go through my computer – but here the log in I had just created didn’t work – so I had to create a new one to use on the computer – can this be right? Seems rather….well stupid

  • Mike Gideon

    I don’t see anything 123d in the play store. Tried autodesk, 123d, catch.