123D Design, 123D Catch & 123D Make Web Apps Closing

Update: 123D Circuits and Tinkercad are not using the unsupported plugins so they will continue to thrive! The only apps that are affected are the three mentioned below.

If you have been using the web based versions of the 123D apps that run in your browser, you probably noticed that they have gone bonkers recently.

We're well aware and have been anticipating the need to shut them down as the plugins that allows them to run within the most common web browsers are no longer supported. So, today, we are sad to see our trusty web based apps go, they were a trusty platoon while they were here!

So, what to do?! 

The apps continue on with their mobile and desktop comrades, and we have some exciting ideas we're working on for the new year and we'll continue bring you these apps for your creative making needs. Here is where you can find them:

123D Catch: Our popular "photos to 3D model" app is available for your iOS or Android device for your capturing on the go. There is also a Windows desktop version.

123D Design: Quickly whip up 3D printable prototypes with the Mac and Windows desktop versions. Also, available for your iPad!

123D Make: We just released a brand new version of the desktop app (v1.6) and it is available for Mac and Windows. 123D Make will nest your slices for printing/cutting, which optimizes material usage without manual post processing.  You may also send a cutting job directly to your system printer/lasercutter. Try it!  Lastly, we built a "teaser" app for iOS which gives you a preview of what 123D Make can do!

So, we salute the web based apps and say goodbye for now. We hope to meet again in your "easy-to-get-to-web-based-form". Check back often here for updates to these and other apps we are working on to help you be creative!

 - 123D Team, Autodesk Consumer Group


  • http://labs.blogs.com scottsh115

    What exact piece of technology is no longer supported? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Richard Ziegler

    Oh no! 123d catch for web was a godsend, being available on any computer without the need for admin rights, I sure hope this does not affect it’s web based Big brother Autodesk recap 360!

  • Bo

    Well so much for that. guess thats the end editing 123D catch from my Macbook.

  • claas kuhnen

    the web apps never worked well.

    • Rodney Batschelet

      For the most part, I agree…Tinkercad worked well once upon a time (pre-Autodesk) but I have always needed to use the Downloaded apps for Catch and the others to obtain good results. Only no web apps become a problem when one has a school full students equipped with Chromebooks.

      • bcbenton

        I agree. This really hurts Chromebook users like myself. I use multiple operating systems but Web Apps were my go to because I could use them regardless of which OS I was on. Does this mean Autodesk is giving up on the Cloud as a platform? Or is it simply a matter of profit? Autodesk wasn’t getting paid for these services so why maintain them? I can understand that of course but there was a lot of content produced here. This makes me overly cautious when trying new programs from Autodesk now. If I start using them in my business can I trust Autodesk will be faithful and continue to offer the tool?

      • christian

        Tinnkercad and 123D Circuits are safe (they don’t use a plugin)! Only affected apps are the three mentioned.

  • satovey

    Hmmm, So porting to HTML 5 was not a good option?

    • christian

      Yes! A plugin-less option is needed now.

  • Sarah Rolle (Artdabbler)

    What about Tinkercad? We have used it this fall in my school and some issues.

    • Rodney Batschelet

      I too, would like to know about Tinkercad. I teach teachers how to utilize 3D printing into their curriculum and Tinkercad was, up until lately due to issues that is, our go to app for beginners to learn how to work in a 3D workspace as simply as possible. Is there a desktop version of Tinkercad in our future? Or should I just switch to 3D Design Something in the chrome store. Or 3D Tin.

      • christian

        Tinkercad and 123D Circuits are safe and strong!

    • John Steward

      I have told a lot of people to use Tinkercad to get started. Will it affected?

      • christian

        Tinkercad and 123D Circuits are safe. They don’t use the depracated plugin.

    • christian

      Tinkercad and 123D Circuits are safe and strong! They don’t use the now unsupported plugin.

  • whoisdee

    It’s just the apps though, right? We won’t lose the ability to post and share 123D creations, create 2D layouts, or keep copies of designs in the cloud?

    • Maker Advocate

      Correct, You will still be able to share 123D Creations and create 2D layouts and store your designs in your profile. Yes we will continue to update the desktop versions you should check out the latest version of MeshMixer, I think I am in love.

  • PJ Lightning

    Wonderful!! Not!!! Our security systems block the desktop versions. I was only able to use it online. :(

  • PJ Lightning

    What about models already created and stored? Can we still order prints just using the browser?

  • kristoferpettersson

    I don’t see Ubuntu or linux in general among the supported desktop platforms. One would think this would be a priority among developers, inventors and ppl who in general care about technology. ;-) If you support android, would it be hard to support other linux dists too?

    • Yuriy Sklyar

      Baby steps! Android app took ages to arrive… ;)

      • deanguilberry

        But Linux has been here for YEARS before Android was ever thought of! Much more stable platform to draw in . I have been waiting for YEARS for Autodesk to create a PAY version of AutoCAD or Inventor. To my knowledge it still has not happened.

  • Christopher Gosnell

    Autodesk please don’t give up on the web-based apps though. Going to an OS agnostic way to run software is the future, I was really looking forward to moving most of my engineering-type apps to web-based interfaces in the (2-3 year) future.

    • deanguilberry

      I disagree.
      Although web apps are convenient I think of them as off shoring support. It isn’t as good an idea in practice as it is on paper.
      I am amazed that companies will put their application into an ONLY browser support mode. Running an application from a browser always leaves an application depending on some other companies code to perform.
      This app works better in Chrome that app better in FF and those apps only in IE. Then just when you get an app stable they change the browser or the java underlying code and the app is now malfunctioning. Desktop apps written for a particular OS in my opinion are MUCH more stable and perform better across the line.
      I am an Linux administrator and support Windows on occasion and see both sides. It is nice to pull up to any computer and run an application from the browser IF THEY WOULD WORK. I have compiled desktop apps that are many years old and work just like they did the day I got them. Most webapps are broken and fixed by manufacturers over and over again and usually out of the control of their developers.

      • Christopher Gosnell

        I agree with your assessment of the state of the systems before WebGL and HTML5, but I can hope that those days are changing for the better.

        This is precisely why web apps will not be applicable across all browsers and all versions. I would make the case for WebGL, HTML5, ‘standards’ complied to and tested by the CAD vendor, and app developer. Similar to the way you can test your browser now for Adobe Flash, etc…

        You would have assurances immediately if your browser did not comply with the supported configuration. I hope we are done with the old “recode for each different version of the browser all the way down to ie6x” days.

        I could then imagine a lot of pressure for those browsers to pass those tests, much like the old days of PC hardware compatibility, where you had to be able to run Lotus 1-2-3, and Wordperfect or MS Word to sell your PC’s. (I used to do this before I bought -286 and -386 PC’s and you’d be surprised at the big name vendors that would fail these tests.)

        As for compatibility, the problem you commented on for web apps I have right now with ‘native’ Windows CAD apps now from large CAD/CAM vendors.

        One of my CAD vendors at least has a testing app that will tell you if the Windows system is compliant, with all of the software and drivers up to date, the other does not and all kinds of weird hangs and crashes are probable with every minor point release to their software. As well as compatibility issues across their entire suite of software (PDM, CAD, CAM, CAE, etc…)

        The faster we can make the UI and hardware systems a fixed standard and a ‘commodity’, the more and better choices the user/administrator of those systems will have.

  • Ross

    And what about TinkerCAD which rarely works???

    • christian

      Tinkercad and 123D Circuits will continue strong. They don’t use the plugin.

  • Ross

    TinkerCAD may be safe…but it has been working terribly lately. :(
    Myself and all of my students hope this is fixed soon!

  • Enrique

    Hei, I want to use 123D catch for modeling terrains and buildings with my UAV, would you mind adding photo import to the IOS App and then on the process adding the option for ground control points with our GPS? It would improve results. Regards

  • Greg Williams

    What about 123D Design for Android?

  • David

    I spent many hours over the past several days preparing and uploading 85 photos to the 123D Catch online app. The site allowed me to create a new project and name it, and allowed me to upload the photos. The online app even allowed me to add names to all 85 thumbnails once they were uploaded.

    But I couldn’t figure out how to process them, and I did not get any email saying they have been processed. The “download” button did nothing.

    So I started looking around for some online advice. What was I doing wrong?

    Only by searching through the 123D blog did I find out the online app system doesn’t even work any more!

    OK, AutoDesk, WHY do you allow me to upload photos and go through all the preparation to set up a project if there will be no output?

    Just a suggestion, but, seriously, for those trying to access them you should AT LEAST put up a page saying the online apps are no longer functional, disable the uploading interface and give an explanation to those out of the loop.

    I’ve been signed up for over a year; I believe an email notifying me would have been the right thing to do.

  • rationaloldguy

    So, when can we get some of the on-line features included in the desktop version of 123D Design? The real annoying thing with the desktop version is not having the ability to edit an existing shape (size, color) once it has been placed on the canvas. Apparently the desktop version does not retain any attributes after placement?

    This is a real killer trying to make precise objects with a 3D printer. You need to be able to tweak for printer specific tolerances. Redrawing the whole shape is not efficient!

  • boboloco

    What is happening with 123D Design? It was working a couple of weeks ago but it is crashing on opening now. I’m using OS X Yosemite 10.10.2, recently upgraded. Would that have something to do with it?

    • http://votemissy.tumblr.com/ Vote Missy

      I am having the same issues

  • http://frankdesignatures.weebly.com/ Jai

    now my design app on that was working fine on my windows 8.1 had to be uninstalled for some reason and now i when to reinstal it and im getting issues just trying to put back up!!! WHY

  • Andrew Barney

    +1 for an Ubuntu Linux version!

  • John Watson

    Why can’t 123D Make open in Windows 8.1?