123D Circuits Video Series : Light an LED

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Update: This is the first video in a series where we teach electronics through simple, short videos using 123D Circuits.  You may follow along with the video, or just watch and be entertained by the nerdy voice-over.  This link will take you to the playlist of all videos.

In this first video we're starting with the very basics: how a breadboard works and how to use one to connect an LED to a battery with a resistor and one wire.  Check out the video!

123D Circuits is a fantastic place to go to build electronic circuits without leaving your computer.  It's as simple as dragging together components and watching them come alive in your web browser.  It's fast, it's free, and it's quite powerful.

You can do this yourself, just head over to 123D Circuits and sign in, then create a "New Breadboard Circuit" then follow along with the video.  You never know, this could be the beginning of something big - we think so!




  • Josh Gold

    Cool! How often do you plan to make these?

    • Rob Roberts

      Glad you like them! We were thinking we’d do them weekly.

  • Dana Gregory

    This is great – I love the simulation mode. Makes it easy to test ideas!

    • Rob Roberts

      Questions for you: how did you find this and anything in particular you’d like to see (we have a list, but we’re open to suggestion). Thanks!

      • Dana Gregory

        The new video series was mentioned in an email I received from info@123dapp.com (Ignite The New Year with AutoDesk 123D). No ideas on additions yet, but probably as I work through the video series…