123D Creature and 123D Sculpt users – big news for you!

Today we are pleased to welcome 123D Sculpt+ to the 123D family of easy to use consumer apps.

If you are a 123D Creature user, you'll get Sculpt+ when you next update. If you are a 123D Sculpt user, you should get Sculpt+ from your app store (iOS or Android). There are a lot of goodies for you!

We'll be releasing more information today on what this means for you, but I wanted to update our 123D Creature and 123D Sculpt users on changes to the 123D website. Rest assured, everything is still there!


For 123D Creature users, all existing creatures are now classed as 123D Sculpt+ models. If you update to the new app, you can still use all of your existing projects, and apply a range of exciting new tools. I personally love the ability to import an existing Creature and change the pose. On the the 123D website, you can now select 123D Sculpt+ instead of 123D Creature, and see all the models.

For 123D Sculpt users, your existing models are still there, they are just no longer listed in the public gallery pages. You can still access them by logging in to your account on the 123D website, and looking at My Projects. Sharing via the 123D Sculpt app is unchanged. You should certainly explore the 123D Sculpt+ app, it has everything (and more!) that the current app provides.


  • srelyt


    I played a bit on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and it’s really nice.
    But there is a compatibility problem, I can’t download it on my Galaxy Note 3 (N9005) and others users are reporting the same thing. Others older, less powerful devices with a smaller screen size and no stylet are compatible.

  • darkich

    Yes, my Note 3 not supported as well.
    Not supporting one of the most popular Android devices is a huge omission and I believe you will fix that ASAP.

  • Fabio Comparelli

    Not supported on my note 4 as Well…please fix this

  • Edgar Choco Feru

    Why is it not supporting ANY new Android phones? Can’t download with Note 4, Samsung S5, One+One… I can’t understand.

  • Edgar Choco Feru

    Why is it not supporting ANY new Android phones? Can’t download with Note 4, Samsung S5, One+One… I can’t understand.

  • Simon WM

    No support on the Note 3 is a shame.

  • Simon WM

    No support on the Note 3 is a shame.

  • Dataninja

    Sooo, nobody at Autodesk has 2 of the most popular phones to test this on? Really?
    Where’s Note 3 support???

  • Frustrated Designer

    I just downloaded it last night and am having a blast. The only issue is that I cannot see the joints when in create mode, or the brush size in sculpt (when using or resizing). I’m not sure if it is a visibility toggle that I’m missing or if it’s a issue with the ASUS Transformer TF300T I’m using. Not a huge deal, but it does make it difficult to select the joints to scale/move/rotate/etc.
    I like the movement interface, it’s very intuitive. Really cool app!

  • http://www.martindoersch.at/ Martin Dörsch

    I use the Sony SGPT12 and running 4.1.1 (release 3). 123D Sculpt+ is compatible with 4.2 or higher. Is there any chance to use it on my tablet?

  • Xnerdz

    It’s not compatible with my S5… It’s a shame.

  • Vladimir Gareski

    Make it available for Note 4, please.

  • Stefan Holst

    I think 123D Sculpt+ is very useful for the indie 3d game
    geometry community. But I miss possibility to use Windows tablets e.g. the new
    Wacom Companion 2 is excluded.

  • Scissors95

    I understand the no smaller screens but the galaxy note series is pretty massive and should be supported. Typical of autodesk, maybe they should stick to 2d cad for home building.


    Not Compatible with Xperia Z1?
    And i so wanted to try it :(

  • Kushif F

    Impresionante. NO SE EJECUTA EN UN NOTE 3

  • Gorden J

    Not compatible with Note 4. Shame Autodesk.

  • Edgar Choco Feru

    Still not supported for the Galaxy Note 4, even after 5.0.1 Lollypop :( maybe that’s why it only has 10k downloads! Please fix this! I bet it’s easy to! I don’t want to root my phone to make it work u_u

  • Thebes de Hippie

    Not supported on my 5.1 phone.
    I wish it said WHAT HARDWARE it required someplace!
    That used to be a standard part of software specs. Now I guess I’m supposed to buy a new device and just hope, because it doesn’t seem to say anywhere!

  • philnolan3d

    Doesn’t work with the Note 5? That’s a pretty new phone! Plus the sPen would be ideal for this sort of thing.