123D Design 1.7 – A really solid release

We are really proud to announce the release of 123D Design 1.7 (Windows and Mac).

Definitely our best release ever, but you will think that everybody says that for a new release, a new record, etc.

Let me explain what makes this release our most epic one. Two key elements: Tinkercad and Solids!!!

For some time, we have received a lot of feedback about some interactions in Tinkercad that make a lot of sense, and we should adopt them in 123D Design. That’s exactly what we did with two very important ones: Align and Scale.

The new Align tool is very similar to Tinkercad’s Align tool. When multiple objects are selected, it displays some options for aligning to edges or center. You will get a preview before you need to click on your choice.

Changing sizes of selections has been another huge request. We now offer a tool called Smart Scale, which will show a bounding box around your selection, and allow you to change sizes by clicking on the values, or simply drag the controls, exactly like in Tinkercad. So you now have traditional Scale using scale factors, and Smart Scale when you want to force the object to a specific size.

Were you missing a local way to do vectors? We’ve added Export SVG, which saves an SVG file with whatever is intersecting the grid. This is done locally, so it doesn’t involve creating a 2D Layout in the cloud.

This may seem like a lot already. But there’s more.

Imagine you are working in Tinkercad, or got an STL file created by any mechanical app. There’s a limited amount of things you can do with it.

Except that now, if the mesh is healthy (no gaps), it can be converted into a solid, and optimized while doing the conversion. We will find any co-planar faces and this will be a single face you can push. Or find a cylindrical section (made of multiple little facets) and convert it into real arcs. You can now find that edge you wanted to smooth in Tinkercad and it was impossible (up to now).

In the example below, this fantastic model kitchen set may need some editing. So you can get the STL file of the part you want to modify, and convert into solid. Then you can proceed with your favorite solid editing tools!

In a nutshell, our best release ever. Any doubts?

Enjoy the brand new 123D Design!

Download 123D Design


  • amyinnh

    Looking forward to it, thank you Guillermo.

  • Lucky La Chance

    This is wonderful! I had been going between Tinkercad and 123D design because of the align feature and Tinkercad’s inability to type in dimensions. It’s too bad that 123D Design is suddenly really slow, almost to the point where it’s not worth using. :( All of my other programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) work fine. But hey, I really appreciate the tool improvements! Thanks guys!

  • orcasislandtv

    Blender imports STL files directly. Why doesn’t 123d just import them? I it does, its not obvious… comments?

  • Andrew Barney

    +1 for an Ubuntu Linux version. I don’t understand why you cant easily port the mac version to linux.

  • Giacomo Tassoni

    I want this for linux too ….i’m using it in virtualbox but it’s too slow… Do it 4 linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre Ferreira Martins

    One more vote to the Linux version here…

  • Kacper

    thats some cool stuff

  • Elena

    Problems with Windows 10: the program opens but suddenly disappears…how can I fix this?

  • Christian Potsch

    Very great software but there is a problem to export files (it doesn’t matter which type of file) on Mac OSX 10.11. Same thing by trying to open .SVG Files. Maybe some permission conflicts? please fix this

  • M ALI Subhani

    One more request for Linux.

  • Hwang Dongseong

    Great jobs! Please support linux!!!!!

  • Razedbywolvs

    …So were do sigh up for E-mail notifications about wean the LINUX version will be done?

  • Barázdabillegető

    How/where can I access/find the SVG export function in Catch?

  • Christopher Koch

    +1 for Linux!

  • Kev Craven

    When will this be available in the UK?!

  • Marcin Podolski

    +1 for Linux!

  • blabbersnitch

    123D Design keeps getting better and I keep coming back to it. It’s only shortcoming (in my view) is that there are no tools for designing threads (as you find on a screw). I know there are screws and bolts in the libraries, but I would love to have a thread or helix tool.

    • MichaelG23

      Helix tool is great, In R14 we had to manipulate each poly-arcsegment. Sometimes spending upwards of 2hrs to create a single screw. Cad 3D has really grown since I retired in 2005.

  • mike saathoff

    is this only metric ? because I have no desire to work with metric this late in life.

  • Dave

    I would love to see a repeat command shortcut. I have looked but haven’t seen one. Something like if I were chamfering a couple dozen holes to countersink them, I can chamfer one, then click another and hit a repeat key.

  • Ariel Bachmann

    Hello as you know my name is Ariel, I have a problem with 123D Design.
    I do not know why three days ago it stopped working. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times and with no result.
    Someone could give me a solution.
    From already thank you very much.

  • Ariel Bachmann

    I forgot to mention that my operating system is win7 64 bit. I hope answers, thank you very much.