Pixelio Kickstarter launches, a perfect scanning companion for 123D Catch

Have you ever had mixed results using the free 123D Catch app on your smartphone? Often the photos can come out blurry or poorly exposed which directly affect the quality of the resulting 3D model you would get from the app.

Well, the folks at Smart3D have found a solution for you in their first product, Pixelio. The Pixelio Kickstarter launched this week, which is a great 123D Catch scanning companion. Essentially, you can place your smartphone with the 123D Catch app running in the Pixelio Multiscanner and let it move around the object in the center, taking optimal photographs using "Virtual Finger" technology for creating that perfect capture.

In addition to scanning with 123D Catch it is very handy for creating stop motion movies, and 360 panoramas amongst other creative uses, all while keeping your device charged.

Check them out and get in early if you want over at Smart3D's Kickstarter, some of the preliminary models using 123D Catch are very impressive as the affordable Pixelio serves as an programmable, automated assistant to shoot the best photos for 3D captures.


  • Steve Scott

    Hi Autodesk. I just learned about this blog post because of this email that I received from you yesterday:

    “123D Design is Retiring, Transition to Fusion 360 or Tinkercad”.

    As I read the Pixelio Kickstarter campaign description I was very excited because Pixelio is exactly what I need… and more! Then as I read the campaign Updates and Comments, my hopes were crushed, because it looks like the Pixelio project has long been stalled, and most likely gone, defunct!

    My strong suggestion and recommendation for Autodesk, because Pixelio has such huge potential for Autodesk customers and potential customers, is for Autodesk to either do what you can to revive this project and make it happen, or maybe even better… ACQUIRE the project, and make it come to life as the “Autodesk Pixelio”, or some better name!

    If you decide to do something about this, please do not forget me, and at least send me one of the scanners if and when they come to life :)

    Thank you,

    Steve Scott