Important News About The Next Chapter

Over the past few years, millions of people have unlocked their creativity with the Autodesk 123D apps and community. We’ve grown from one desktop tool in 2011 to multiple apps across desktop, web, and mobile.

We’re incredibly proud of these products, and even more proud of what you all have MADE with them. But we recognize that the portfolio has become complex. We are making some changes to simplify our Autodesk portfolio and workflows for people everywhere who love to make things. We are consolidating these tools and features into key apps such as Tinkercad, Fusion 360, and ReMake.

Today, we are sharing the news that in early 2017, after we complete this consolidation, we’ll be shutting down and turning off many of the apps to new download. Rest assured that we remain committed to providing free tools to hobbyists, kids, hackers, and makers around the world. We value you, your models, and are going to do this consolidation in the right way.

You’ll be able to access and download your content from in the coming months. We will make every effort to make sure you will be notified before we make any changes to the apps or website.

What’s next? We’ll be working closely with you, the 123D Community of users, to make sure your questions are answered. We’ll be sharing more details on this blog and our support forums, and will notify you when we start to implement changes.

Autodesk is committed to help people make anything and we are committed to help you continue to do just that. Look for more detailed information in the next few days, weeks and months.

–The Autodesk 123D Team


  • vonslatt

    A free non-commercial version of Fusion 360 would be most welcome!

    • David S Clarke

      Fusion360 Ultimate is already free for enthusiasts

      • CAD guy

        And free for start-ups making under $100K. About as free as it can be ;)

  • eagleapex

    I just got into 123D Make. Where will this powerful utility end up?

    • scottmoyse

      That is what I’m most concerned about… it should be in Fusion 360 for sure! It will be a missed opportunity if it isn’t put into Fusion… it should be in Inventor as well!

      • Matthew Weake

        123D Make functions should be in every CAD product. Please, please, please and pretty please let them come to Fusion 360 and Inventor!

    • Yuriy Sklyar

      It’s going into Fusion.

    • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

      We are releasing a new version of 123D Make that doesn’t consume any of the services that will be shut down in March. It will be called Slicer for Fusion 360 and will be available soon in the Fusion App Store. It will have one click workflows with Fusion (sending a Fusion model into Slicer) and then saving the results into Fusion Team. The app will also be able to be used standalone and save locally, although the ideal usage will be using Fusion Team. So before retiring Make we’ll have Slicer available. As the blog post said, we have very clear paths and solutions for users of Design, Make and Catch.

  • J Knight

    Does Fusion 360 have the kind of slicing that 123D Make offers? I know I could do it manually in most CAD programs, but it’s pretty slick as an App.

    • scottmoyse

      It’s not in Fusion 360… Hopefully it will be.

    • Matthew Weake

      It is such a good tool for slicing up a model and doing basic nesting. Love to see this in Fusion 360 and Inventor!

    • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

      We are rebuilding Make to become a new product that will work with Fusion 360 but also be able to be used standalone without need to connect to the cloud services we are shutting down. More info on that very soon.

  • Tech4Teachers

    As long as this doesn’t impact 123d circuits…..which I have found equally vital for teaching electronics…..far better than Fritzing or Electronics Workbench. We now use Fusion 360 even for lower grades …..just simpler projects… we totally understand that move to consolidate.

    Thanks Autodesk we appreciate all your hard work and. Many Many Many updates. It’s a living ecosystem, somethings die to feed other projects ….way of the world. We in education really appreciate your huge contributions to the maker generation coming up the ranks.

    • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

      Would it be possible to contact you and chat about how you use Circuits and Fusion? If so, please contact me at

  • Dave Akkerman

    I really hope you will still offer hood to use Ipad apps like 123d design and Sculpt +. As teacher at a middelschool where every student uses an Ipad use these apps frequently for 3d printing design purposes. We don’t really have any pc’s anymore in school for the lower years, apart from a vfew very slow one’s only for controlling the 3d printers and lasercutter. I use fusion360 myself but this isn’t an option at the moment for my students unless you guys make an IOS app for it off course, that would be awesome.

    • scottmoyse

      Fusion 360 is coming in the browser next year.

      • Dave Akkerman

        O wow, good news. Didn’t knew that. Thnx

        • Brodie

          it barely runs on a decent PC, will probably be almost unusable in browser

    • Rick LeRoy

      They teach 3d modeling in middleschool now?

      • David

        Yes we do :)

        • Scandy

          Pretty awesome! I’m glad the next generation is getting exposed to the 3D world early.

          • Kristjan Järvan

            There are also other 3D modeling apps that offer 3D printing support :)

    • Jen Holsinger-Raybourn

      YES! We are scrambling to come up with alternatives now for my Elementary art room. What are you using instead?

      • Jon Soong

        you can try our 3D app – – it is built for K-8 schools, let me know if you need a hand

      • Scandy

        Scandy has two good apps. Scandy is available now for iPad and the Structure Sensor. Scandy Pro is coming out in the next month or two and offers high-resolution 3D scanning from an Android device with an attached sensor. You can see more at

      • Aaron Rogers

        I’ve been tying out d3D Sculptor in my high school design class. We also use iPads. They warm us up on design concepts before we use Blender on laptops. d3D Sculptor by DeJean Sargeant

    • Alicia Testa

      I second that about Scuplt+. We could have a good design of an animal in about 90 minutes. My students found it easy to use and workable. I have not seen another product as well designed to use with students. We have created most of our figurines from this app. I have been told to use tinkercad but it does not have the sculpting abilities. I am hoping that some of the advanced features of 123D design will be blended into TinkerCade and see an upgrade on its features.

  • amigacooke

    Looks like the tablets are being abandoned. Shame.

  • Mohsen

    This is Autodesk. Wait until people love products then shot them down. This s the main part on the history of Autodesk and why I changed to Alibre Design

    • scottmoyse

      Didn’t you read it? They aren’t killing the functionality and it will still be available for free to those who were using 123D for free anyway. And if you don’t use 123D products anyway, then why are you here bitching?

      • Mohsen

        1- Of course I use these free tools. I talked about the main softwares.
        2- Take care about your words. They show your education level.

        • scottmoyse

          You have no idea about my education level, in the same way I have no idea about yours. But since you bring up education…. check out the Tech4Teachers realistic attitude of how products come and go and reach the end of their lifecycle. Things change, you’re naive if you think 3D Systems won’t change their product packaging or kill products in the future. They will if it makes sense to them and they think it will make sense for the majority of their customer base, just like any company anywhere in the world does. You clearly just dislike Autodesk, so why bother spending time commenting negatively on a thread about an Autodesk product you don’t pay for? You have to expect free stuff to either stop being supported or get killed off at some point. You must be bored in the lead up to the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

      • SonyAD

        The tools will no longer be available for download starting March 31st next year or earlier. And obviously, no more updates either.

  • Oliver Acevedo

    Does this include

    • scottmoyse

      It would be nice to get some clarity on that.

    • Yuriy Sklyar

      It’ll still be alive and will eventually be a part of Tinkercad

  • Edwin Prakoso

    Where will 123D Catch belong to?

    • Yuriy Sklyar


  • MisterG

    That is a pity. In our school we use 123D Design from Year 8-12 to develop designs that are manufactured on our 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines. It has evolved into a powerful but easy to use package that gives “water-tight” 3D prints and works well on the student’s macs. Perfectly placed between TinkerCAD and Fusion 360.

    I am hoping to see 123D file import and dxf export (for laser cutter) in Fusion 360 as a possible replacement. Would prefer the option of laptop based rather than cloud based app and local file storage as well.

    Question : For how ling will 123D design continue to be usable into the future?

    Special thanks to Autodesk for making this amazing product available and the many updates that enhanced it’s capabilities. It will be missed.

    • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

      The desktop version of 123D Design will keep working if you open and save locally. It won’t be affected by shutting down cloud services, except that you won’t be able to save to the cloud.
      We’ll work on making a future transition into Fusion much easier (as in importing 123dx files).

      • MisterG

        Thanks Guillermo. We will keep using 123D design and migrate to another application at the appropriate time. I have been playing with Fusion 360 and like what I see. Great depth and definitely an option for the older students. STL export to 3D printers seems to work fine (with details such as threads not exporting but that may be a settings issue). Add in dxf generation and 123dx import and all will be good.

  • skitrak

    Will the current desktop versions continue to work in the future or are you planning to do something to prevent them from working?

    • SonyAD

      They’ll continue to work but you won’t be able to download them starting March 31st next year or earlier. The cloud based functionality won’t work (saving models to the cloud, importing or loading models from the cloud etc.).

    • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

      From the desktop apps, the only one that will work after March 31st is 123D Design.
      123D Make currently requires connection to the cloud to export the layouts. But we’ll replace Make with a new app that will be found in the Fusion App Store, and will work both standalone and with Fusion.
      123 Catch will stop working, and you can use Autodesk ReMake, which has many more features and has a freemium business model.

      • skitrak

        123Design is the one I care the most about. I uses it a lot and not always when I am connected to the internet.

  • Sacha

    I am really upset about the latest changes the software-industry demands on their customers! This week I spent hours with discussions with adobe to retrieve my licences after they cancelled it for who knows what reason. Don’t be confused if people go back to software piracy. Even Apple does not care about if devices made for their hardware stops working with new os – as happened with my stylus. Bad changes for the whole it-business. Hope I will be able to use my paid apps in the future!

  • A Fred

    I’m confused, so the 123D products are still going to be around and be available for download and updates? Just the website is being merged?

    • SonyAD

      Up until March 31st, next year. Possibly earlier than that.

      • A Fred

        Project Lead the Way has recently built a middle school curriculum using 123D Design instead of using Inventor. Guess they will have to do something else now.

        • SonyAD

          You can use Fusion 360 Ultimate for free but it requires a 64 bit operating system. And you can still use 123D Design indefinitely. You’ll just have to download a copy of the installer and keep it safe because you’ll no longer be able to download the installer from the website coming March 31st or possibly earlier.

          I’ve already downloaded 123D Design installers for both 32 and 64 bit Windows OSes for safe keeping on my computer and will be checking back weekly to see if they release a final new version before March 31st.

          Current version is 2.2.14.

          It’s kinda disappointing cause a few new features and bug fixes have been hinted at on the forum / helpdesk not that long ago so I guess the development team didn’t know themselves that 123D Design and other 123D apps were slated to get axed at the time. I hope they’ll still release one more final update before completely axing it.

          • Manos

            So, what we have to do, is download all the programs we need from
            because the site will go down?

          • SonyAD

            I don’t know if they’ll take the site down but they may take down the download links. The installer for Mac is already no longer available.

          • Manos

            Thank you!

          • Jonatan Laursen

            Do you have the installer, or anyone? Really need 123d design for mac. Was not fast enough :(

        • SonyAD

          It’s just the cloud functionality that will go away for 123D Design.

        • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

          PLTW uses a version of 123D Design called 123D Design for Education. So the desktop and tablet version for PLTW will still be around.

          • A Fred

            Samething – (Potato-Potato) Poe-tA-to – Poe-tah-to …

        • SonyAD

          You can still use 123D Design after March 31st, provided you’ve saved an installer for the latest version on your computer before then or have 123D Design installed. The cloud functionality will no longer be available so you’ll just have to save your models locally.

          • Jonatan Laursen

            Where can I find a mac 123d design installer. Anyone want to share? Please

  • Albert Anderson

    Is there any way to download all my 123d sculpts?. When i click on a model it redirects to tinkercad crap.

    • disqus_EtFOdC1glj

      Same here, I can’t even access my account now.

  • Tom Gray

    A comment for software developers — please make error messages helpful. I’m trying to do a shell and get that “Invalid operation” message. PLEASE — WHY is it invalid? Is the shape too complex? (NO- it’s a plain cube!). Am I trying to do the wrong face? (I can sometimes do the top but never a side…but why should that be a problem?).
    This is a message that is of no value to the user because it doesn’t say what the problem is and so gives no hints as to how to solve the issue.

  • David

    I’m very sad and a bit upset. My students (I’m aD&T teacher in London) really like to use 123D Design. I hope you will reconsider your decision. Tinkercad is a great app but for more advanced students 123D Design is the best in middle school.

    • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

      123D Design desktop will still work if you open and save locally, so you can keep using it. That said, it won’t have support and no new features. It would make a lot of sense to start checking out Fusion 360, and we’ll have tutorials and info about how to best use Fusion if you are coming from 123D Design.

      • tim Mathis

        How do you open and save locally?

        • Guillermo Melantoni Cortabarri

          Under Open, choose Browse my Computer. When you Save or Save As, choose My Computer.

          • tim Mathis


          • Brodie

            It always defaults back to try and trick you into using the cloud. If I want to open a local file I have to “Create new design from file”. We trialed Fusion 360 at work, trying to broaden the access to 3D CAD we have on our plant. We don’t have an alternative, but we aren’t going with Fusion because of the cloud requirement… yes, it is a requirement, Autodesk NEEDS to make this software work without an internet connection.

      • I am planning to get a 3D-printer and I had seen several recommendations for 123Design, but after seeing this news I tried out Fusion 360, and…. it’s a fucking disaster. I’m a single hobbyist, I have literally zero need for any of the collaboration-features or such, and everything in Fusion 360 requires cloud. It’s all cloud this, cloud that, you can’t do that without cloud, use our cloud — I don’t want no fucking cloud bullshit, I want to work on my files locally, I want renderings locally, I want to be able to use all the features of the software even without Internet-connectivity!

  • Jen Holsinger-Raybourn

    SO BUMMED! I teach elementary art with a 1:1 iPad ratio and designing a 21st century Gargoyle is my 3rd graders favorite project all year and the tools are just gone! Is there an alternative available for iPad now? I know so many teachers that REALLY rely on Autodesk becuase of your free platform… HELP!

  • whistletalker

    TinkerCAD fails and Fails and Fails again

  • Mac_Gyver

    if TINKERCAD is payd for acces i pay now!!!!!!!!!!! it’s a splendid software… please dont close this

  • Josh Schmidt

    What about 123d catch? I just tried downloading the app and it is no longer available in the app store?

  • SonyAD

    Can we please get one final version update with some of the promised fixes? Such as support for importing binary .obj or .stl files rather than just ASCII ones?

  • Andrea

    Hi, I need to make downloading 123d Make for Mac. But for several days on the iTunes App does not exist. Can you tell me a valid link to download? thank you

  • Sarah Carmody

    Will we be able to access our files through meshmixer?

  • Daniel Perez

    This is kind of a disaster for my library makerspace. Setting up computers to run on software that requires a cloud-based log-in for every project is a nightmare for accessibility and security. I spent two and a half years teaching people how to use 123D Design, and making tutorial videos that have received tens of thousands of views. Now I’m going to have to find a non-Autodesk alternative. Whelp. It’s been fun.

    • Jon Soong

      Hey Daniel – would love for you to give our 3D design app a try – (or on the app stores). Let me know if you need a hand.

    • West Coast Alpha Gam

      Hi Daniel, We will still have 123D Design for Education on the app stores for use. We understand that it is upsetting but I can say we are very excited about what will be coming in the new year.

      • Daniel Perez

        But I’m not teaching a tablet or mobile device, so an app store doesn’t help me. Also, you’re not allowing public libraries to use Fusion360 to teach the public, so I don’t see what my options are, other than to switch to FreeCAD. I’m sure as heck not going to develop YET ANOTHER curriculum halfway through the year when you guys decide to figure out how to help public library makerspaces.

  • Gabriel Montreuil

    Hello, this is great!

    Since Autodesk will be making big changes in some pieces of their 3D offerings, I decided that I would go and download 123D Design before the integration changes planned in march 2017.
    This website gives us a link to go to the Apple App store to download it, but it is not available for Canadian users. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    «Item not available. The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Canadian store»

  • Anne McMills

    I gotta be honest… I’m kinda losing my mind over this announcement. I’ve just completed a manuscript for a textbook that I’ve been working on for too long. It has large sections about 123d catch and meshmixer in it. Seems like meshmixer might be okay — anyone heard differently? But I’m not sure what to do about Catch and my deadline is the end of this month. yikes!!! I haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone about it yet. I was okay when I thought the Catch app still existed in the app store, but now I can’t find it.

    • Scandy

      I think they pulled the app from the App Stores. Can another scanning app work for you? Do you happen to have a Structure Sensor ( If so, you could try the Scandy app or ItSeez3D. If you don’t have a sensor, maybe Trnio? Here’s some options:

      It sounds like you are under a time crunch, but if you had some time you could hold out for Scandy Pro which will create high-quality 3D scans with an Android phone and a sensor. You can see some more info about Scandy and Scandy Pro at

      • Anne McMills

        thank you. I do appreciate the response. I will check out Scandy for class… the problem with the manuscript is that it is going to print! :(

        • Ralf Steck

          Anne, my book was already printed in December when that abnnouncement came up. Rewriting the Chapter now with ReMake. It’s quite similar to Catch. Try it.

  • Justin Brunick

    Well, this sucks. I developed my entire Maker class on using Sculpt+ on our student iPads. I worked out all of my lesson plans this summer and then, come last week and the start of 2nd Semester, I sit down to have my kids in my 2nd Semester Maker Class download Sculpt+, only to find out it’s not in the App Store anymore. Now I am scrambling to find and learn a new software. Very disappointed.

  • Justin Brunick

    Well, this sucks. I developed my entire Maker class on using Sculpt+ on our student iPads. I worked out all of my lesson plans this summer and then, come last week and the start of 2nd Semester, I sit down to have my kids in my 2nd Semester Maker Class download Sculpt+ and find out it’s not in the App Store anymore. Now I am scrambling to find and learn a new software. Very disappointed.

  • Med

    OK, if you are putting 123d design down, please, update tinkercad with more features and fix the issues! Fillets and chanfers i.e. a lot of times don’t need all the “power” and complexity of fusion 360 just make some small adjustments to some designs.

  • Roland MJ Ziemke

    This is very disappointing, especially since I’ve always had trouble getting 123D to play nice with other apps. There’s also the fact that downloading my source (.123dx) files boils down to 1) open 123D, 2) open project, 3) export to VRML, STL, OBJ… even copying the 123dx files feels like a war of attrition.
    I’ve never been able to see my own models in any convenient way as logging into the website just sends me back to the main page. Hell, I wonder if it ever did work for anybody.
    I will say that if this does indeed mean some serious upgrades for TinkerCAD, maybe it won’t be so bad, because right now Tinker needs the greatest internet connection and the biggest graphics card in existence to run even semi-smoothly on my PC.

  • Jeremy Littler

    This is very annoying. Not to knock Fusion 360 (a good app despite the cloud rubbish), but 123D Design worked for our students. Now we have to hit the brakes during a school semester. We may just go with Blender. No 123D download for Mac in Canada. AD could have left the 123D download up at least. While not perfect, the OpenSource applications are at least something you can count on. Has AD considered how inconvenient this decision is for education. I think not.

  • Jordan Craig

    Man this is a bummer. I love the 123D Make’s ability to slice up models so that I can make interconnecting pieces to fabricate the skeleton of a 3D model.

    Which piece of software is going to replace that?

    • Jordan Craig

      Apparently it’s called Slicer and will be in Fusion 360? So I downloaded Fusion 360, and guess what? This functionality isn’t in there, although there is a video which shows it… but the software they are using is 123D Make! You guys said it will be in the Fusion store before you retired Make (maybe you’ve already retired Make for Mac, but not for Windows; I use a Mac).

      Also, you guys need to change your site and documentation. All of the 123D stuff is still all over the place like it is current and active.

  • Dennis Ward

    123D Make is no longer available on the Mac App Store (although one can still download the Windows version directly). The December announcement stated that the orphaned app functionality would be merged into one of the three survivors. So, where are the slicer functions from Make?

    Alternatively, does anyone know of another product that will allow the flexible slicing / plan production that was previously done so well in Make?

  • ethan

    This is very disheartening. I am a contracted special programs teacher for k-12. I just built an entire program around 123D and now can’t download the apps I need.
    There is no budget to work with in order to purchase an app for the iPads and that is their only computers. Any suggestions for 3d apps that are free and good?
    I have to keeps these 6 -8 grade kids engaged for 16 classes.

    Here is our app list:

    123D Catch

    QEPrize 3d design

    Clay: augmented sculpting

    Fusion 360

    FormIt 360


    • Scandy

      Hey Ethan,

      We are coming at the 3D space from the capture side. Here are some recommended free 3D scan apps that can serve as an alternative to 123D Catch:

      We’ve used Tinkercad ( for some projects for students at local Maker Faires. You might want to check out Tinkercad as well.

    • Jon Soong

      Ethan – you could try our app It is made for K-8 students (iPad/Android/Win/Mac/Chromebooks) and we’re always looking for new suggestions to make it better!

    • Michael Franchino

      Try the Morphi app.. There is a free version and a Premium version.

  • tim Mathis

    I am confused by all the apps also.

    Is the 123 circuits ( involved in this change.
    Will 123 circuits be include in another (newer?) app?

  • tim Mathis

    Is website going away??
    If so will electronics be included in new apps?
    Premium signup page is now non_existant. Not a good sign.


  • ge53

    Ugh!I have religiously used 123D Catch and 123D Make for my college
    students and designed syllabi around these apps-My specific question is any replacement for the automated 3d-slicing from 3d model input in 123D Make? I realize we can try shape-by-shape in Fusion360 but our models often have over 100 parts sent to our laser-cutter and complex interlocking planes–any help, suggestions much appreciated…

    Thank you.

  • Jim Mooney

    Can anybody tell me where the Sculpt+ workflow will end up? What I mean is, the workflow of…

    -Shaping something in armature/skeleton mode.
    -”Baking” it.
    -Shaping and sculpting it further.
    -Painting on it.
    -Posing it.

    I’d like this workflow given back to me before Sculpt+ becomes incompatible on the iPad (especially if it’s a 32-bit app, where iOS11 won’t support 32-bit apps anymore). Can someone tell me this workflow will be brought back on the iPad?

  • Andre Tran

    I used 123D Design the app on my iPad and I love it. The only problem I had now is I want to download the Mac OSX Desktop app, It keep open the Appstore and giving me the message that the software is not available for download? anything wrong?

  • Manel Rives

    I’m really really sad seeing how Sculpt+ (an app I show every time I do a workroom with teachers about how to create learning experiences by using mobile devices) is disappearing.

    There’s no alternative as powerful as this one for creativity and schools with digital devices. I hope to see this kind of apps again in the future.

    really sad at this moment, maybe because I think tis kind of tools will disappear and there’ll bee no options in the future

  • Brodie

    Until Fusion360 actually works offline, I am going to have to find something else. 123D Design is a great little app for quickly throwing together designs, whereas Fusion360 is a bloated clunky poor excuse for a cut down version of inventor that requires about 400 ports be open on your network, constant internet access and you have to jump through 30 hoops to save a file locally. I think this is ridiculous and my employer wont poke hundreds of holes in our network to get Fusion to work.
    And you’re seriously picking TinkerCAD over 123D Design??
    Going to have to do better Autodesk.

  • Emory Stagmer

    I use 123D Design for most everything at home and lots of ‘sketch’ stuff at work which I give over to our mechanical dept for real work. EVERYTHING is saved locally, I can’t even GET TO the cloud from my work network. How big a corporation would it take to ask for Autodesk to keep this tool alive? I work for a 100K person corporation and 123D Design is an approved tool on our systems. Do you have any idea how long it takes to get that approval?!? And now I have to ask them to add something else? Autodesk promised a commitment to these kinds of free tools PUBLICLY a few years ago. You’re going back on that now?

  • deadredn209 reefer

    yea it just figures of course it wasn’t broke so they just had to fix it and screw everyone in the process they did have cool software but now its all gone and being replaced with crap that don’t work right is harder to re-learn and forces out everyone that can’t afford internet and makes it easy for any hacker to steal anyone’s work from there lame cloud if i wanted my work on the cloud i would put it there so basically if they don’t bring back the original software then I’m done with AutoDesk

  • Wilson Barbosa Neto

    G´day. Quickly looking to the new apps (Tinkercad, Fusion 360 and ReMake) I could not find where the 123DMake features for 2D laser cuts are… Is there anything that I have missed while browsing these apps? Hope you guys don´t eliminate those increaduble features for 2D parts! ;) Cheers

  • Elliott Belardo

    What will happen to Autodesk Circuits?

  • Jeff Davidson

    This is SO disappointing… the latest video from Maya LT even shows how you can transition from Sculpt+ to Maya LT. I have a ton of iPads and I had planned on having my students do a rough sculpt and paint in Sculpt+ before brining it into MayaLT. The other 123D apps were pretty hit or miss in my opinion, but removing Sculpt+ is really a huge let-down. Especially because the tinkercad/fusion apps really don’t cover the same space.