Want to get started with 123D Catch?

We've got a ton of video tutorials to help you! From tips on how to set up a scene and subject for capture, how to work with your mesh, or how to prep a catch for 3D printing - we cover a bit of everything.

Check out our 123D Catch channel on youtube - we'd love to help you get the best catch you can!

Favorite models in the gallery this week

Here we are again! Lots of great catches again this week and one fantastic sculpt model as well. I love all the portraits I'm seeing done with Catch and Sculpt. :D
London Commuter by Matt Wilderbeast

London Commuter by Matt Wilderbeast

Gargoyle 1 test by Paul E Carew

Gargoyle 1 test by Paul E Carew

Cleopatra's needle plaque by Lucien Harriot

Cleopatra's needle plaque by Lucien Harriot

Baby sleeping by VJ Anomolee

Baby sleeping by VJ Anomolee

iMario by Adnan Islam

iMario by Adnan Islam

Favorite models in the gallery this week

Lots of truly fantastic catches this week! I feel like the catches look better and better all the time. You should definitely click through and check these out in the gallery - they have so much detail screenshots just can't capture. Awesome work, everyone!

Sketchbook by Pharaoh

Mark Twain Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis

cactus by peter muller

Mi Sabiola by Juan Carlos Petruza

The Sea by Morgan Hayward

The five most downloaded models this week!

These would make some great holiday weekend projects - and there are tons more models in the gallery!

F86 - 15 Inches by German Angel

Old Man by Micah Ganske

Retro rocket by German Angel

T-rex, curve interlock by Peter Maxfield

Moose by Brad Harder

Need help with 123D products?

Did you know we have support forums for 123D help on the site?

If you're having an issue with something you're creating or if the software isn't playing nice, please post a topic there to let us know! In addition, if you think you might be able to help others with their problems, feel free to jump in!

Also free free to leave us any suggestions you might have - we would love to hear them.

Become Han Solo through 3D capture… sort of

Starting pretty soon at Disney's Hollywood Studios you have an opportunity to be cast in carbonite! They're using technology similar to 123D Catch to capture your head. I can't wait to see some user created versions of this - have a feeling we might see some in the gallery here or on thingiverse!

Click through for more info - it is pretty neat.

Via starwars.com.

New 123D apps are live today!

We've released a ton of goodies today!

Here's a rundown of the new apps complete with links so you can get them:

123D Catch on iPad,

123D Catch web app,

123D Make for PC & Mac,

and last but not least... 123D Make Intro for iOS!

123D Catch used on the Bay Bridge

To help to find a way to attach lights to the Bay Bridge for The Bay Lights installation, 123D Catch was used to capture a section of the cable on the bridge! The catch worked very well, and was 3D printed so the team had a nice scaled down model to work with.

I love seeing these practical uses of 123D Catch - it can really make a ton of things easier.

Check out the video above to find out more about the process and the project - it's awesome!

Via makerbot.

Underwater Catch!