London 3D Print Show all wrapped up!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the 3D Print Show this year!  We met so many great people and companies, and we hope to stay in touch until next year.  These pictures show only some of the great things we saw, let us know if you you saw something we didn't.

A huge thanks to the show organizers and technicians for their work, we'll see you in Paris!

Tokyo Maker Faire

Maker Faires are in full swing around the world, and Autodesk 123D got in on the action this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, a city renowned for its history of innovation. 

Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, even got in the action, delivering a presentation on "the appearance of new manufacturing in North America."


The 123D team hosted an area equipped with MakerBots, iPads with all the 123D tools installed, interlock assemblies, LED badges, duct tape bags, a black rocket shelf, and even a 3D photo booth. 


 It's so rewarding to see firsthand how people incorporate the 123D tools into their personal creative expression. Thank you to the thousands of smiling people of all ages that came to visit and create with us! We can't wait to do it again next year, Tokyo Maker Faire!




We've officially launched a contest on Instructables called Make it Real-ly Scary with 123D

The contest runs through the end of October and is open call for people to use any of the 123D apps as a component to their Halloween project.  It can be as simple as remixing another user's model or as time-consuming as laser-cutting a giant Cthulhu that terrorizes the kitchen at the Autodesk offices.  

We have some pretty great prizes too! Our friends at Zebra Imaging and iMaterialise are the Prize Providers for the contest and have forked over some pretty righteous goods.  Grand prize is a HUGE hologram (24"x34") from Zebra Imaging, $100 print credit with iMaterialise, and a 2-year Premium membership to 123D!  Zebra hasn't offered this size hologram directly to our users before, so we're excited to see one.

Good luck!

Bring 3D Printing With You To College

We imagine our college-aged audience has spent the past few days and weeks getting settled into the joys of sharing a dorm room with strangers while navigating what it's like to live away from home. With all the details that come inherent to making that transition, it’s understandable when you leave something at home or think of something you need when it’s too late to get it.  

For example, perhaps you get to your dorm and realize your parents have supplied you with roughly one metric ton of pens and pencils, but nowhere to put them. They have already driven back home with their credit cards, leaving you to your own devices, but fortunately 123D and 3D Printing are there to fill in the gaps.

For example, instead of quietly stealing a pencil holder from your roommate, use 123D Catch to capture his/hers and print it, or select from the multitude of options developed by your fellow 123D’ers, like the cannon pencil holder picture here:


Courtesy of xyzebra 

If you’re a person who goes through lots of drafts, nothing is more satisfying than tossing out failed ideas. Spice up that process by using 123D Design to create, and then 3D print your own basketball hoop for the trash can, gamifying your editorial process.


Courtesy of Kazga_Fitteyai 

 Playing with a Frisbee (or novelty flying disc) is one of the stereotypical college activities that must be undertaken. Customize your own plastic disc in 123D Design and everyone will want to hang out with you.


Courtesy of CocaKoala 

One of the hardest parts of college is surviving homesickness, so we recommend you use 123D Sculpt to design and print your dog (or other pet). Having a small version of Fido with you in college is a great way to keep your home close to your heart, and realistically is probably about as far as one should go with pet ownership when it comes to dorm life anyway.


 Courtesy of Chuck Whitehead

So when you’re low on funds, which after all is the identifying characteristic of college students worldwide, consult Autodesk 123D to find and create quick solutions to life’s little problems. Whether it’s an issue of function, entertainment, or making friends, 123D is here to help.  Find your school's 3D printer and start filling your dorm room with the coolest stuff you can think of!


What’s new in 123D Design?

123D Design online has just released version 1.5 with a lot of great enhancements, including a smoother feel, new tools, and more options for file formats.

If you have already used 123D Design online before, I’m sure you’ll be really delighted with these improvements. For first time users of 123D Design online, please visit to enjoy this new experience.


Okay, let’s take a look at what’s changed:

1.    New UI

First of all, you will notice a lot of changes in the UI:

  • The new background and grid color are crisper, and you may also notice that we are converging with Tinkercad in regards to visual design. Familiarity both in look and feel and in certain features will also help on a smoother graduation from Tinkercad into 123D Design online for users that are looking for some extra power.
  • Some of the actions that were living in the Attribute Manager (which appears at the bottom when objects are selected) were moved into the new top toolbar. Frequent operations like Move, Rotate, Scale, and Switch Planes are easier to see now.
  • The rest of the actions have been grouped under three drop-down menus. The first one for actions like Mirror, Invert, Ruler. The next one for Finishing Tools (fillet, chamfer, shell), and the last one for actions that manage bodies (group, ungroup, flatten).
  • The file’s name is displayed at the top, making it easier to identify.
  • If you need to switch from perspective mode to orthographic mode, simply click F8. An orthographic projection can help you easily align objects.


2.       New tools.


We released Invert in the UI some time ago, but sometimes you want more than just inverting a model based on its bounding box. That’s where Mirror comes in. Now you can select a plane, make it cruise just like any other object, align to any face, and even move the plane away or into that selected face. Now that’s what we call power!




We have a fantastic system called Inferencing that allows you to move individual objects while referencing other objects for a precise location. But you can’t do this with multiple elements. That’s where the new Align tool comes in. Once a user selects multiple objects, Align tool will show a widget that will help you preview the results.





Ever needed to understand how far an object was from another one? The new ruler tool will come in handy for this. Drag the ruler, cruise with it, snap it to any element of the scene, select the object you need to measure and voila – distance measured.




3.       File formats and more.

We bring you Insert File, which allows you to add a Design Model into your current file - this was previously only possible via the Parts Bin. You can browse My Projects or local files for SMB or SAT files, cruise them on the current model, and keep working. Imagine how easy it will be now to reuse any of your own models, or models from the Gallery.


Import EPS.

We had added SVG import a couple of releases ago, however SVG is not the only vector format out there. EPS is still widely used, so we added an option to import files of this type as well. You’ll be able to use any vector work you have created, or download the massive amount of vector art available in the web.



Support mesh for Export 2D.

Now that meshes are supported in 123D Design online, we also need to extend support for meshes when creating a DWG file. Meshes introduce an issue that is not a problem with most solids, so we cleaned up the linework created from the models, and we also now display hidden lines.




We hope you are as excited about these new updates as we are! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Autodesk 123D Design Challenge: Reimagine an Existing Product!

Enter the Autodesk® 123D® Design Challenge! Reimagine an existing product or create a new one that could be the next big thing. Create a 3D model using the 123D Design app and submit your project at for a chance to win cool prizes like a MakerBot Replicator 2 or Premium 123D Membership!

Are you savvy enough to take on the Autodesk® 123D® Design Challenge? Find out more at!

Customizable 3D Printed Rings

Roly Holder, one of our intrepid Instructables users, and 123D Design enthusiast, has posted this great piece: Customizable 3D Printed Ring Designs.

It's a guide to how you can make your own custom rings, suitable for 3D printing, starting from a series of template designs that he has created, like the one below.

We really like this design, and this Instructable, because it lets even beginners to 3D modeling make something beautiful. Try it out!



Never lose a key again – custom key tags with 123D Design

Do you have an important key that you don't want to lose? Or it's a key that you need to lend to many people over the course of a day?

You could tie it to a string or, if you have access to a 3D printer, you can easily make a customizable key tag, like the one shown below. All you have to do is click here to open the key model in 123D Design, click twice on the text to edit it, and save or print the file directly from the 123D website.

If you need more information on how to do this, or want to understand how these were made, check out this Instructable on how to make a customizable key tag.



Introducing 123D Design Online!

Around 6 months ago, the 123D Design team launched a series of products that could empower users with little to no CAD background to create, edit and customize 3D models for fabrication.

Let me introduce you to the newest version of 123D Design online. 3D modeling on a browser is not exactly new. In fact, we now have the popular modeling program Tinkercad as a member of the 123D family. So what makes 123D Design online so unique? It provides tools for fine tuning and editing models that has been so far seen in products like AutoCAD, Inventor, and Fusion 360. You can now round and bevel edges, create a shell or pull faces out of any part, and all this with extremely natural interactions.

Speaking of natural interactions, all manipulations of the parts in the scene are done with very easily identifiable modifiers. If you have used image editing or presentation software, you will find very familiar interactions for resizing, rotating, moving and aligning elements.  And since we are a 3D application, we have also introduced a really delightful experience for rotating and aligning parts against other parts in space, which we call cruising.

Making holes has never been easier either. The best of all is that we can also keep the whole history, meaning that if you have made a hole in a part using another element, you can always go back to the original elements, move them around, and see the new results without any additional operations.

We also have Smart Content! If you manipulate a part shaped like a keyhole, it’s very likely that you will want the circular part to remain circular, and this will never be the case in direct modeling. This happens because some of our content is defined by rules, which are checked after any action. Being able to create text and modify it on the fly is another result of using Smart Content.

So we have history-based solid modeling that can also be rule based, in a browser? Excellent! So what if you want a mesh, or need to start from a 2D drawing?

123D Design online also supports importing STL and OBJ files. So you can now import models from 123D Catch, 123D Creature, or pretty much any other application that can generate these formats. 

As much as we love 3D modeling, we also acknowledge there is a vast amount of drawings that could be the initial step for editing in 3D. 123D Design online supports SVG import, so bring in any vector artwork and see it come to life as a 3D model.

This video will show you the power of 123D Design online in action while making a simple earbud holder to print on a Makerbot. 

Check it out at and stay tuned for updates!