The five most downloaded models this week!

These would make some great holiday weekend projects - and there are tons more models in the gallery!

F86 - 15 Inches by German Angel

Old Man by Micah Ganske

Retro rocket by German Angel

T-rex, curve interlock by Peter Maxfield

Moose by Brad Harder

Need help with 123D products?

Did you know we have support forums for 123D help on the site?

If you're having an issue with something you're creating or if the software isn't playing nice, please post a topic there to let us know! In addition, if you think you might be able to help others with their problems, feel free to jump in!

Also free free to leave us any suggestions you might have - we would love to hear them.

TNW Insider about the upcoming new apps

Some key press attended the 123D event in New York last week where we showcased the upcoming apps together with our partners Objet, Makerbot, Shopbot, and Epilog.     Read the Next Web TNW Insider story about the upcoming 123D apps.    

Coming Soon, 123D apps and eco system

Autodesk is announcing a connected ecosystem of apps, platforms, and communities that transforms the experience of 3D design and personal fabrication. Utilizing the power of the cloud and the crowd, the 123D family connects free 3D creation tools with content, community, and fabrication services, so anyone can create, explore, and make. 123D Catch - Take photos of people, places, and things and transform them into detailed 3D models. 123D Sculpt - Explore, shape, and paint 3D sculptures on the iPad. Share your creations with others and export them as OBJ data. 123D Make – Turn your 3D models into cut patterns and animated assembly instructions for making artful creations. 123D - 3D design software enabling personal creation and fabrication of precise and finished objects. My Corner – Your personal cloud storage for your design files, connecting 123D products and workflows. Use your data with the different 123D apps and create physical object through our fabrication services. Gallery - Publish and share your projects and access other people’s creations from the Gallery directly in the products, giving you access to an abundance of ideas of things to create. Instructables - More than 14 million individuals use Instructables every month to explore their interests in technology, crafts, home improvement, art, cooking and more. At the core of Instructables are expert authors who have created and shared more than 65,000 personal projects in the clear step-by-step Instructables format. The updated family of 123D apps is going to be available on desktop, mobile and web browser platforms soon.  Stay tuned for updates.

123D on Electric Playground

Shaun from Electric Playground touches on 123D Sculpt, a 3D sculpting app for the iPad.   Electric Playground EP is a Canadian daily entertainment news magazine that profiles all of the latest developments in the videogame universe as well as all of the cool stuff that gamers are interested in and obsessed with it.   Check out the full video post of the interview.

Sharing is Caring

As part of our effort to help you make really cool stuff, we created the 123D Gallery. If you are an avid 123D user you are likely already familiar with the Gallery.

If you aren't familiar with the Gallery, we have created a quick video tour to help you see how to share your creations or use an existing model for your designs. The gallery is full of 3D Models, Images, Props and Parts, basically everything you need to get started or make your models more realistic.

Another cool feature of the Gallery is that you can showcase your own creations. You can easily post your designs back to the Gallery and allow others to incorporate your content into their design.

Sharing is Caring! So go forth and show 'em what you got.


123D Snowman Challenge

The days are getting rapidly shorter, the weather has turned frigid, and winter is setting upon us. Now, more than ever, is a great time to stay indoors and have some 3D modeling fun. So, curl up in front of your computer with a warm cup of cocoa and make a snowman!

To help you get started, we have provided you with a snowman template and some snowman parts for you to decorate it with. However, don't feel obligated to limit yourself to only these parts. You may decorate the snowman however you wish.

Anyone who uploads an original image or 3D model of their snowman to the 123D gallery before January 31st will be getting a free Instructables 1-year pro membership.

Here is a helpful video to help you start to build your snowman