Challenge preview: Steal Public Art

123D challenge: steal public art

Here at 123D we're planning weekly challenges for you guys!

First up - we want you to steal public art! Head to your local park, to a famous hometown monument, to your favorite museum - and get the best catch that you can of your chosen piece of public art.

This challenge will start on July 9th but I wanted to give everyone a head start to plan some excellent catches. Just make sure you don't upload anything to the gallery yet!

We'll have more information about how to enter (and win 3D prints!) and about upcoming challenges as we hammer out the details - stay tuned! We can't wait to see what you guys catch!

Print of the Day is over!

Print of the Day

We printed lots of awesome models over the last couple of months for our Print of the Day contest! I'm sending out the last batch of emails to winners today and then it'll be all wrapped up. I can't wait until everyone gets their prints.

But for now, here are a few photos from the first batch of prints we did. Click through to view the model in the gallery and compare the two. The Objet printers we have do fantastic work!

skull n bones by Scott Ramsay

skull n bones by Scott Ramsay

Sumbohjaner by Chris Kunzmann

Sumbohjaner by Chris Kunzmann

Dragon head by Valentina Caicedo

Dragon head by Valentina Caicedo

HULK!! by Fernando Vasquez

HULK!! by Fernando Vasquez

Mememe by Chris Rosinski

Mememe by Chris Rosinski

Congrats to all of the winners! And check your emails, everyone - you might just see one from me!

Print of the Day contest

We're awarding 3D prints to users that upload amazing things to the gallery!

The contest is almost halfway over at this point, and we've seen tons of fantastic submissions. If you make anything with Scuplt, Make, or Catch you should put it in the gallery for your chance to win!

We're looking for detailed and creative models - and you'll have a higher chance of winning if you tell us the story behind your model. (Why did you choose to Make/Catch/Sculpt this?) We love stories!

Check out the contest details for more information, and stick around - we'll be showcasing some of the winners soon!

Make it Real Challenge closes on Monday!

The Make it Real Challenge over at Instructables has entered the final stretch - you have until Monday to enter a project for a chance to win an Objet 3D printer or an UP! 3D printer!

Any project that uses a computer program to help with part of the fabrication is eligible. You can check out the entries to get a better idea of what is eligible - you'll find them here.

I hope you'll make something real this weekend to enter! Getting your own 3D printer is definitely worth the work.

Make It Real contest – you could win a 3D printer!

Instructables is running a fantastic contest that is perfect for 123D users!

To enter, post an Instructable that has anything in it that was at least partially designed using a computer: a sticker, a 3D printed object, laser-cut files, an electronics schematic, and even an inkjet printer template. So long as something in your project involved computer design (a digital sketch, 2D files, schematics, or a 3d model) before you built the physical object, you're good to go!

This would be an excellent weekend project!

Check out all the rules and learn more about entering on the official contest page. And make sure to enter by June 4th!

Win Free 3D Printing

Engineers vs. Designers is currently hosting a 3D necklace design competition in which the winner will have their design printed (up to $200) by Shapeways. You have up until January 31st to submit a design, which gives you plenty of time to fire up 123D and get modeling. This is also perfect because it is just in time for Valentine's Day.

123D Snowman Challenge

The days are getting rapidly shorter, the weather has turned frigid, and winter is setting upon us. Now, more than ever, is a great time to stay indoors and have some 3D modeling fun. So, curl up in front of your computer with a warm cup of cocoa and make a snowman!

To help you get started, we have provided you with a snowman template and some snowman parts for you to decorate it with. However, don't feel obligated to limit yourself to only these parts. You may decorate the snowman however you wish.

Anyone who uploads an original image or 3D model of their snowman to the 123D gallery before January 31st will be getting a free Instructables 1-year pro membership.

Here is a helpful video to help you start to build your snowman

123D Fab! at Autodesk University

For this year's Autodesk University, Oliver has designed a fun interlocking building system that is going to be used as part of the 123D Fab! Contest. During the contest, entrants at the festival are going to compete to see who can build the best structure with cardboard parts such as wheels, levers, and gears. In preparation for the mayhem, thousands of parts were laser cut out of cardboard with the help of our laser cutting service.

Stay tuned for updates from the event!