123D Circuits DIY Theremin Built For Bending

The Light-Theremin is back!  The first time we blogged about this project it was a buzzing-breadboard with an uncanny ability to both inspire and distract anyone within earshot. Now it's a professionally-printed circuit board designed and ordered in 123D Circuits, and yes, it still beeps and squeaks.

Another video: using the light-theremin to play a song.

How'd we get from beeping-breadboard to poppin' PCB? With 123D Circuits, of course!  We make it easy, just design your board and click the "Buy 3 Boards..." button.  Professional PCBs will soon arrive at your doorstep.

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From the 123D Gallery – Mio Tanaka

Every week, we try to highlight some cool work by specific users in the 123D Gallery.  Mio Tanaka's bicycle parts have been consistently cool.  Have a look! "I am not CAD professional.  I just start studying and make a plan. I was a graphic designer before, so I have knowledge of 2D design.  My parents ran a bicycle shop and I want to make the lightest bike (ex.made of plastic ) and bike accessories." (sic) - Mio Tanaka  

Carbon Fiber guitar. Go Make one this weekend with 123D.

Last month in San Francisco, TechShop members had a little party over the weekend to make their own custom guitars. That's rad enough, but the workshop aimed one step further and taught them how to do it in Carbon Fiber.

The process is simpler than you'd think.  With a basic guitar body design, you can build a model in 3D software (123D Design is free), then take that file via an .stl model into 123D Make, which slices the model into cross sections that you can laser cut (or go analog and grab an Exacto blade).  Once those are stacked and glued together, you have a mold!!  Read this Instructable on how to do to do it, you'll get no spoilers here.

OR, you can listen to the Safety Third Show - in Episode 1, they go through the experience of the workshop and Blaine sings a little song.

Here's the coverage on Wired Design: