The Art Institute of Chicago – a Catch virtual tour!

Autodesk employee Cody Walker recently made a trip to The Art Institute of Chicago. He captured a good deal of it using Catch! These are really amazing - I think "The End of the Trail" might be my favorite.

So join me as we take a virtual tour of The Art Institute of Chicago! Click the links under the photos to be taken to the 123D Gallery so you can view the model in the 3D viewer. They look even better that way! He's also included more information about the pieces on the Gallery.

Asian Sculpture

The Solitude of the Soul


Daniel Webster

Celestial Beauty (Apsara)

Shiva and Uma

Crowned God Vishnu

Jephtha's Daughter

The End of the Trail

Nydia the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii


Guardian Figure Dvarapala


The Lost Pleiade

The Puritan

Lady Liberty is appearing at Burning Man

Autodesk employee Arthur Harsuvanakit made this incredible cardboard Lady Liberty using 123D Make, 3DS Max, and a Faro Arm Laser Scanner! Sounds like serious business and definitely is.

Check out this PDF he put together detailing the build for more information!

Did you know you can make a bike from cardboard?

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

Check out this amazing cardboard bicycle! It was designed by Izhar Gafni and is made with about $9 worth of materials. For more information on the bike, check out this website.

Favorite models in the gallery this week

While we're a bit heavy on the t-rex heads this week, that is never a bad thing. Also, this post includes the most fantastic catch of a rock I have ever seen. Bravo!
Item Name  by Sascha Henrichs (089)

Item Name by Sascha Henrichs

Sue's Head  by Mike Moceri

Sue's Head by Mike Moceri

Tabernacle of San Secon...  by Jeremy kemp (

Tabernacle of San Secondo by Jeremy Kemp

Tyrannosaurus Rex  by Anthony Heath

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Anthony Heath

Silver Buddha  by Nick Morrey

Silver Buddha by Nick Morrey

3D Modelling and Printing Workshop in Toronto

  The Ladies Learning Code 3D Modelling and Printing Workshop
 will bring 48 lucky learners together for 4-hours of modelling and printing their own unique things. The learners will learn about 3D modelling and 3D printing using Autodesk Meshmixer and then print your 3D thing!


july 14th, 2012   10-2 / 12-4
tiff bell lightbox, Toronto, Canada



What is 3D printing and why is it so useful? In short, 
3D printing allows you to bring a 3D object that you design come to life before your eyes. This technology, especially when used to prototype new designs, is useful in many fields, such as industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction, jewelry making, fashion design, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, dental and medical prosthetic design, education, geographic information system design, civil engineering, and countless others. It’s also just really fun to come up with an idea for something and be able to actually create it in a really short period of time! At this event we will be designing our own small unique “things” using iMacs and a program called Meshmixer and bringing them to life using an assortment of different 3D printers – we’ll have 10 or more different 3D printers on-site! Our learners will get to design their own bracelet or pendant or something else!

Favorite models in the gallery this week

Here we are again! Lots of great catches again this week and one fantastic sculpt model as well. I love all the portraits I'm seeing done with Catch and Sculpt. :D
London Commuter by Matt Wilderbeast

London Commuter by Matt Wilderbeast

Gargoyle 1 test by Paul E Carew

Gargoyle 1 test by Paul E Carew

Cleopatra's needle plaque by Lucien Harriot

Cleopatra's needle plaque by Lucien Harriot

Baby sleeping by VJ Anomolee

Baby sleeping by VJ Anomolee

iMario by Adnan Islam

iMario by Adnan Islam

Favorite models in the gallery this week

Lots of truly fantastic catches this week! I feel like the catches look better and better all the time. You should definitely click through and check these out in the gallery - they have so much detail screenshots just can't capture. Awesome work, everyone!

Sketchbook by Pharaoh

Mark Twain Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis

cactus by peter muller

Mi Sabiola by Juan Carlos Petruza

The Sea by Morgan Hayward

Favorite models in the gallery this week

I just checked to see which models were in the top five - and guess what? They're still the same from last week! Crazy.

So instead, I am going to share my five favorite models in the gallery this week. Mix it up a bit!

Stewart by zlite

Giant Cat by Sarah James

Space Hamster by Chris Kunzmann

Head by Pharaoh

Body by Jerad

Become Han Solo through 3D capture… sort of

Starting pretty soon at Disney's Hollywood Studios you have an opportunity to be cast in carbonite! They're using technology similar to 123D Catch to capture your head. I can't wait to see some user created versions of this - have a feeling we might see some in the gallery here or on thingiverse!

Click through for more info - it is pretty neat.


“Go home view” – a short film using 123D Catch

go home view by gantelet

Now THIS is an interesting use of 123D Catch!

This video was submitted through our comments on the blog by French artist Stéphane Gantelet and I just love it. Definitely one of my favorite things done with 123D Catch so far.

You really just need to watch it - you won't be sorry! Haunting is a good way to describe it.

Here's the description of the film, google translated, from Mr. Gantelet's site:

Go home view "is an animated video that offers a tour of the subjective camera privacy of the home of Mr and Mrs Smith in Anger. Go home view starts where Google street view stops: at the door of the house. The technique used to capture 3D from photos gives a seductive and then turns nightmarish from inside this home and renewing the issues raised by the indiscretion of the digital image capture in the world and its distribution over the web."