3D chocolate printer

Last month, Choc Edge released a 3D chocolate printer, called the Choc Creator. You can preorder it now, and bidding is just about to end on ebay for the first one!

The video below should give you a better idea of how it works - I can imagine this could really take off in bakeries! Yum, chocolate.

Via Choc Edge.

Want to be involved in Catching the Sphinx?

Bilal Ghalib of Autodesk & GEMSI is planning a "3DFLASHMOB!" to get a Catch of the Sphinx!

If you're in or around Cairo or know someone that is - pass on the invite! It's happening on Tuesday, April 24th at 9 AM and is sure to be a ton of fun. I'm really excited to see the results! If all goes well, people will be headed back to the Cairo Hackerspace to make a cardboard replica.

Check out the official facebook invite page and remember to pass it on!

The Pirate Bay gets on the 3D printing train

If you hadn't heard yet, The Pirate Bay launched a "physibles" section back in January. There's not a ton of things to download yet but there is an awesome Pirate Bay ship! It'll be interesting to see how this section grows as 3D printing becomes cheaper and more available.

So now you have yet another place to check for user-generated content to 3D print or modify to suit your needs. Crazy!

Via The Pirate Bay.

Cube kite flies with a little 3D printing help

This amazing sculptural kite was created by Heather and Ivan Morison. While it looks far too heavy to fly, it's made of lightweight materials. The rods are carbon fiber, the fabric is the same used in sails, and the connectors are 3D printed and made of nylon.

Check out the video below for close-ups of the kite and to watch it take off - it's beautiful. It's so wonderful to watch something so large float in the air!

Little Shining Man from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.

Via treehugger.

Bubble Machine

James Williamson over at instructables has made a fantastic bubble machine and he's included the files so you can lasercut one for yourself! This would be an excellent weekend project to build with your kids, too!

Or maybe you'd care to make your own version using 123D?

Via instructables.

The Free Universal Construction Kit

The Free Universal Construction Kit from Adapterz on Vimeo.

In one of the biggest advances in toys since forever... F.A.T Lab has created a kit that can be 3D printed and connect the majority of your favorite building sets together.

Compatible sets include Lego, Duplo, Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, K'NEX and even more!

But why keep typing? You should really just watch the video! And check the link below for all the details.

Via F.A.T Lab

3D Printed Robotic Dinosaurs!

Something very neat is happening at Drexel University - dinosaur bones are being scanned and then 3D printed! Dr. James Tangorra and Dr. Kenneth Lacovara have teamed up along with other researchers to get this project going.

The dinosaur bones will be printed both at normal size (for display in museums) and on a smaller scale. The smaller scale bones will be assembled into full skeletons and then turned into robots so that the researchers will be able to study how the dinosaurs really moved. The doctors hope to have a robotic limb created by the end of 2012 - a full model will take much longer.

3D printing has really revolutionized the field of paleontology - I can't wait to see where this goes.

Via drexel.edu

Laser Cut Record Monsters

A First Look at RecordMonsters

This is a fantastic idea to reuse old records - turn them into tiny sculptures! I found the Record Monsters project while browsing the interwebs and just had to share it.

The Record Monsters project was wildly popular on kickstarter, and rightly so! What other things would you do with an old record and a laser cutter? I'm envisioning fancy coasters, tiny photo easels, wall decorations, all sorts of things!

It'd be easy to recreate something like this using 123D Make , too! But be careful about cutting records - the fumes are not good for you or your laser cutter - you'll need a really powerful exhaust system.

Via kickstarter.

Not-so-still Life


Artist Scott Garner has created a truly spectacular project - a 3D still life enclosed in a tilt sensitive frame. When you tilt the frame up or down, the objects in the painting crash wildly about to the bottom corner of the frame. You need to watch the video. It's amazing.

Still Life from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

How neat is that? What objects would you like to see in a tilt sensitive still life?

You can start building them with 123D.

Via vimeo.

3D Printed Record Plays “Still Alive”

The perfect gift for any Portal fanatic! This 3D printed record designed by Shapeways user pittance plays everyone's favorite song.

While this record is formatted only to work with a Fisher-Price record player, which is more of a music box, this is just the beginning! It'll be exciting to see how sophisticated 3D printed records will get.

Via notcot.org