Sharing is Caring

As part of our effort to help you make really cool stuff, we created the 123D Gallery. If you are an avid 123D user you are likely already familiar with the Gallery.

If you aren't familiar with the Gallery, we have created a quick video tour to help you see how to share your creations or use an existing model for your designs. The gallery is full of 3D Models, Images, Props and Parts, basically everything you need to get started or make your models more realistic.

Another cool feature of the Gallery is that you can showcase your own creations. You can easily post your designs back to the Gallery and allow others to incorporate your content into their design.

Sharing is Caring! So go forth and show 'em what you got.


123D Make it Real Challenge

Anyone who shares a file in the 123D gallery and links to the file in a relevant Instructable where you show how it is converted to a physical object is eligible for a free thank you gift.

To be eligible for this gift:

  • First upload your file to the 123D gallery
  • Post a relevant Instructable and in it include a link to the related 123D file
  • Finally, share the url of your published Instructable in the description of your 123D file

  • To be eligible for a free 123D thank you gift, both the file and Instructable need to be posted between the dates of January 31st, 2012 through April 30th, 2012 . On May 1st we will go through all of the files posted between the dates specified and any that are cross-linked with a valid and relevant Instructable will receive their choice of a 123D T-shirt, Mug, or Thumb Drive.

    Also, when posting your Instructable, don't forget to enter the Instructables Make it Real Challenge for your chance to win over $100,000 worth of 3D printing-related prizes!

    Boardwalk Empire VFX

    The Emmy Award-Winning team behind the HBO show Boardwalk Empire has posted clips demonstrating the before-and-after shots from the show. The seamless integration of 3D models into the original video is actually quite stunning. Check out all of the behind-the-scenes VFX wizardry.

    Tiny 3D Printed Homes

    Project Shelter is a program aiming to 3D print sea shells to help hermit crabs who are currently experiencing a shell shortage in the wild. After two months of maker-community design efforts, they succeeded in the beginning of December creating a shell that a hermit crab was proud to call home. It will be interesting to see how this project continues to progress over time.