Thiago Hersan puts the Mega in MegaFone

Featured User Banner Have you ever wanted to project a message over loudspeaker, but do it remotely?  123D Circuits user Thiago Hersan and his fellow Instructables Artist-In-Residence Radames Ajna have built it - and a lot more.  Not only does their project, called "Fofoque-me: Vox Populi" project your voice over a motorized megaphone, but you can send it an SMS that will be translated to voice and that too will played aloud to curious bystanders.

Featured User Banner

 In the above picture check out the purple motor-driver board on top of the Arduino Mega -- that was designed in 123D Circuits.  Check out a video of three MegaFones during testing.

The motor drivers get a thorough testing.

To see the full system in action...

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It's official. President Obama has declared June 18, 2014 the National Day of Makers. This is no surprise, given that a revolution is taking place, where we are going back to our roots and creating things for ourselves. Borne from a Nation of Makers, we have become a #NationOfMakers.

"Our Nation is home to a long line of innovators who have fueled our economy and transformed our world. Through the generations, American inventors have lit our homes, propelled humanity into the skies, and helped people across the planet connect at the click of a button...During the National Day of Making, we celebrate and carry forward this proud tradition.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 18, 2014, as National Day of Making. I call upon all Americans to observe this day with programs, ceremonies, and activities that encourage a new generation of makers and manufacturers to share their talents and hone their skills." 

In honor of this declaration, the home of the President is hosting its first ever White House Maker Faire, a day dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all the talent being driven by the Maker Movement. 

You can get involved by seeing what others have made, making things yourself,  by following along with the events of the day, and by signing this pledge dedicating yourself to "working together to build maker communities throughout America and the world that introduce the maker movement to more people and expand the benefits that makers can realize through their participation."

But most importantly, you can get out there and have fun! Enjoy this National Day of Makers, everyone. And don't forget to find yourself on the map below...



123D Circuits DIY Theremin Built For Bending

The Light-Theremin is back!  The first time we blogged about this project it was a buzzing-breadboard with an uncanny ability to both inspire and distract anyone within earshot. Now it's a professionally-printed circuit board designed and ordered in 123D Circuits, and yes, it still beeps and squeaks.

Another video: using the light-theremin to play a song.

How'd we get from beeping-breadboard to poppin' PCB? With 123D Circuits, of course!  We make it easy, just design your board and click the "Buy 3 Boards..." button.  Professional PCBs will soon arrive at your doorstep.

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MeshMixer 101: First Launch

The Meshmixer 101 playlist is a series of videos to get you up and running with Meshmixer - allowing you to easier manipulate and edit mesh models.

Start with this video to get the basics of the apps layout and basic navigation controls and stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

Ole Ole Ole with 123D Circuits!

Good luck to the 32 qualifying teams in Tinkercup 2014!  To celebrate them, we recorded an old standard that seems to get popular every few years! Check out this iconic song as played on a 123D Circuits project!

 Want more info on the 123D Circuits project?  Check out this blog.

123D Make 3D DIY Projects. Made With Cricut.

photo of paper projects next to a Cricut Explore machine

Looking for a fun DIY project, but not prolific with scissors or don’t own a laser cutter? We’re happy to announce that Autodesk 123D has partnered with Cricut to bring a series of easy-to-assemble 3D DIY projects to Makers and Crafters. From rocket ships to dinosaurs to smartphone stands, these projects will delight and entertain boys and girls of all ages whether you’re 5 or 50!

All you need to get started is an affordable Cricut Explore™ electronic cutting machine, the free online Cricut Design Space™ software, and off-the-shelf poster board. Cardboard brown is no longer your only color option!

The first 8 projects are pictured below, clicking on them will take you to their respective project pages.  If you already own a Cricut Explore, load up the poster board and start cutting! The smartphone stand will make a great Fathers' Day present!

And make sure to keep checking back on Autodesk 123D's Blog and Cricut Partner Page, as well as Cricut's Autodesk Projects Page for even more projects!

What's the origin story of these beautiful projects, you ask? These first-of-its-kind 3D Cricut projects started off as 3D models from the gallery. The models were then infused with the unique slicing technology of 123D Make and transformed into easy-to-assemble cut patterns!


p/s. Full instructions coming soon to an Instructable near you! 

Tinkercup 2014!

Brazil v Croatia

Game 1 - Brazil and Croatia on June 12!

In light of the coming festivities in Brazil this year, we've hijacked Tinkercad's Wordless Wednesday for the next few weeks to bring you the first ever, online-3D-modeling-penguin-soccer tournament - the TinkerCup!!  We've modeled 32 of the Tinkercad penguins to represent the qualifying FIFA World Cup teams. Use these models or create your own to show your support for your favorite team.  The best part is, you could win some Tinkercad gear!

Group G of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Make a model featuring your dream team or even a dream match-up with the country you think will go all the way to the finals from now until June 25 and tag the model with #Tinkercup2014.  We've got buttons, bags and T-shirts for the teams that progress past the Round of 16 in the run to the Cup!  If your team is one of the eight that makes it to the quarter finals, you'll rack up Tinkercad swag until they get knocked out!  But you better hurry, because our gear supply is limited, and only the top 10 models for each team will be considered, based on likes from the Tinkercad Community as of June 25.

For example - say we used the model of the French team penguin eating a baguette on the Eiffel Tower by June 25 and tag it #TinkerCup2014. If the French get knocked out of the tournament during or before the Second Stage, c'est la vie...  But, if they make it past the Round of 16 to the quarter finals, then game on.  Also, the single most-liked model of the winning team will be put on a t-shirt for it's creator!   

Visit the FIFA site for more info on the matches.

If your team makes it to/or gets knocked of:
The Round of 16: The country will mourn!
The Quarter Finals (July 4-5): You get a Tinkercad Button and Stickers!
The Semi-Finals (July 8-9): Button, Stickers and a Tinkercad Backpack!
The Finals (Sunday July 13): Button, Stickers and a new Tinkercad Shirt!
The winning team: All of it! A Button, Stickers, Backpack, and Tinkercad Shirt!

PLUS: The winning country model that gets the most likes in the Tinkercad Gallery will be featured on the Tinkercad Homepage AND get a shirt with an image of their model on it!


Not the actual shirt, but what will the winning team be??

Keep it clean, and avoid penalties. Remember:

- Make the model Public by June 25 (we can tell when it was created) and tag it #TinkerCup2014.
- Because only the top 10 models for each country will be considered, be sure to make it early and rack up the Likes.
- We're all about worldliness, but please, don't submit models for more than 2 countries. Referee Peter D. Penguin prefers true fans.
- Be sure it's clear in the title who's your favorite, especially if you use 2 or more countries in a single model.
- Only one set of Tinkercad gear per person, so even if you make models for 2 teams and they both make it to the final match, you'll only get one button/bag/shirt.
- Duplicate and Tinker all you want, but without substantial changes, only the original model will be considered for the tournament. Questionable models will ultimately be judged by the Tinkercad Team and red-carded as deemed appropriate.
- Any questions? Email us at At the very least, check out
Peter's friends from around the world!

Maker of the Day – Domenic di Giorgio (Day 31)



Domenic di Giorgio

Why I make

When I look at something that interests me my first thought is always  "How could I make that?"

It becomes a challenge and an exciting chance to learn something. A new technique or material or technology.

Recently I have become obsessed with making tools to help makers make more. In particular a low-cost laser cutter/engraver. I enjoy watching makers take tools and use them in ways they were never imagined to be used in.

Very inspiring.


What I make

These days with the tools we (makers) have available to us, I can say that I make "Whatever I want to" 

I started making gliders and planes out of balsa and tissue paper when I was young and my need to make things grew and grew.. Now I use composite materials, cnc machines, 3d printers and laser cutters! Times and technology may have changed, but the feeling of having made something from start to finish never changes. 

I enjoy experimenting with cad, electronics, programming, robotics as well as getting my hands dirty on a lathe or mill.

I make things that capture my interests. 3d printed arduino controlled robotic arms, useless-machines in Pringles cans, tools to help me make more things. 

Too much to make and just not enough time!



Maker of the Day – Timothy Englert (Day 30)



Timothy Englert

Why I make

We are a society increasingly distancing itself from actual hands-on making of objects.  When I was a boy, everyone took shop class, and made a box, a bread basket, a cutting board, or a pencil holder as their first piece.  Our great-randfathers built their own homes, and a toolbox was as indispensable then as a computer is now.  

 The Knickerbocker Bench is my effort to reconnect people with the simple beauty of a handmade object, one that they can sometimes participate in the making of a permanent installation at a park.  I make them for private sale, but I also make them with groups of people, using traditional tools like two-man saws, hand planes, and scraper blades alongside band saw and chain saw mills.  Log benches connect us to the earth in an unique way, and the Knickerbocker Bench is as much an invitation to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us as it is a functional and durable piece of furniture.  I make them because people respond to them, and I make them because they remind me of the curious and indispensable role that trees play as the lungs of the world.  There's lots of other reasons, but these are a few.

What I make

I make the Knickerbocker Bench.  I created it in 2007 as a gift to one of New York's many beautiful state parks to recognize the natural ice harvesting industry that once took place at the site.  The design is a 21st Century homage to mankind's first piece of furniture, the log bench.   I've made them in a variety of woods, most of them coming from reclaimed logs found in the woods or from tree services.  Since the first ones were made for the ruins of the ice houses, we've since made just under 100 more, most of them in parks or on trails in the Hudson Valley, but some also in the midwest.  As no two trees are alike, no two Knickerbocker Benches are the same, as well.  



Maker of the Day – Gerry Paquette (Day 29)



Gerry Paquette

Why I make

I teach board game design in a Game Development program at Algonquin college in Ottawa. The college Print Shop recently invested in 3D printers and I encourage my students to make use of it by creating custom bits for their games. As first-year students, most of them haven't had any training using 3D software. Tinkercad is the ideal entry-level tool that does not overwhelm it's users with options. In fact, limited options allows for a more creative approach to design. 

Once the students have sent me their models in .STL format, I'm able to preview them in Tinkercad and make modifications in terms of sizing and thickening elements that are likely to break before sending them on to be printed. 

What I make

I use Tinkercad to make custom board game components primarily. Recently I used it to create a flea circus as part of my costume for local Steampunk 5 year anniversary gala. 

My current project, Battle Cubed, is a tactical 3- dimensional space fighting game that features 3D printed ships and a 2D stand with platforms that are laser cut out of acrylic and assembled into a 3-tiered playing surface.