Long-Distance Prosthetic Fitting

Instructables Superhero Bilal Ghalib recently put up an amazing post after visiting his cousin Zaid in Iraq  - who has lost the lower half of his leg from diabetes (after 13 years of sanctions, his family can't always get to the medical care that they need).  Even more unfortunate is the fact that Zaid's brace causes incredible pain when he uses it.

Bilal used 123D Catch to create a model of his cousin's leg, met with a former Stanford engineer - Joel Sadler - and went back to Iraq with a supplemental design that would help with the pain.

From Bilal:

The idea was that if we could tie the brace tightly enough around the prosthetic, the metal bar that goes through the brace would help distribute the weight to the top of the brace attached to his thigh. I was able to prototype this project the last time I was there with Mujtaba from the Iraqi hackerspace Fikra Space. It didn't remove all the pain from the pressure point on his leg, but it did help. It appears that the addition of a more natural body shaped insertion point would help relieve the rest of the pain.

We'll keep you updated on their progress, but read the full Instructable here.

You CAN take it with you. ( With 123D Catch )

From 123D Blog editor and contributor, Andrew Taylor:   My wife and I recently took our honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia (which seems to be a common thing these days...), and she was extremely patient with my constant stopping to 'Capture' some of the carved sculptures and architecture in Bangkok and Siem Reap. Fortunately, I got some really good ones and processed them when we had a wi-fi connection.  I nearly lost them  all when I ran out of room on the server (I took a lot!) - the app froze and I kept getting an error message to let the processing finish, but a quick upgrade to Premium membership and some iOS file manipulation sorted it out.  (If you've run into this issue before, post below for the solution)

Buddha Feet printed at about 60% scale.

One of the better Catches came from video, oddly enough.  I took a ~20 second video and later played it full screen, hitting Cmd+Shift+3 screen captures every second or so.  Then I took those images and loaded them into the web and desktop 123D Catch app.  I think the softer focus of the video stills creates a more seamless model. Maybe someone else has had some experience with Catching from video?


First print of the Temple Lion

  I've managed to clean up some of the files like the Temple Lion, Buddha Feet and a carved dinosaur relief and printed them on our Objet printers (job perk!), and they're pretty awesome.  We get to relive the trip and we were kind of able to bring back some souvenirs that customs would have otherwise frowned upon. Next, I'm going to make a wooden replica of one of the Temple Lions using 123D Make and 1/4" plywood.  I think the resolution will be pretty good if the lion itself is around two feet high.  I'll do another post when it's finished.

123D Catch is now available for iPhone 4/4S!

123D Catch is now available for iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2nd and 3rd generation!

  • Tap the screen to set your subject's focus and exposure during image capture
  • Shoot a photograph using either the on-screen camera capture button or the "volume up" button
  • Review, retake, and delete photographs before submitting your project to the Autodesk cloud for processing
  • Log in to the 123D Catch web app at apps.123Dapp.com/catch and find your iOS captures already there, ready for further editing and fabrication
For more information, screenshots and to download, check out 123D Catch on the iTunes App Store!

Favorite models in the gallery this week

The title is a teeny bit of a fib this time since we didn't have this post last week. But it is back! Catches are becoming the most common thing in the gallery as of late and they're getting better and better.

church door by Cody Walker

church door by Cody Walker

Frogner Park Oslo Norway by Wayne Trout

Frogner Oslo Park Norway by Wayne Trout

Lion by Jeffrey Lv

Lion by Jeffrey Lv

Falla Lo Rat Penat 2012 by Jaime Almonacid

Falla Lo Rat Penat 2012 by Jaime Almonacid

Weston Super Mare - Sand Sculpture by Andrew Moore

Weston Super Mare - Sand Sculpture by Andrew Moore

How to create a Catch using the 123D Catch web app

You can check out the full tutorial over on Instructables! More tutorials coming soon.

123D’s Steal Public Art challenge has begun!

123D challenge: steal public art

Head out and use 123D Catch to steal some interesting pieces of public art!

1 grand prize winner will win a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Digital Camera and a print of their winning model! 20 runner up winners will win prints of their winning models!

To enter, follow these steps:

  1. go out and get an excellent Catch of your favorite piece of public art
  2. upload your creation to the 123D gallery anytime from July 9th to August 5th, 2012
  3. tag your model with "public art" and tell us a little about it! We love stories.

For more information (including complete rules because those are very important!), explanation and inspiration, be sure to check out our official contest page!

Please note: this contest is only open to residents of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia but excluding Puerto Rico), Canada (excluding the province of Quebec, Canada), United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands... though we would still love to see what everyone else can catch!

Want to get started with 123D Catch?

We've got a ton of video tutorials to help you! From tips on how to set up a scene and subject for capture, how to work with your mesh, or how to prep a catch for 3D printing - we cover a bit of everything.

Check out our 123D Catch channel on youtube - we'd love to help you get the best catch you can!

“Go home view” – a short film using 123D Catch

go home view by gantelet

Now THIS is an interesting use of 123D Catch!

This video was submitted through our comments on the blog by French artist Stéphane Gantelet and I just love it. Definitely one of my favorite things done with 123D Catch so far.

You really just need to watch it - you won't be sorry! Haunting is a good way to describe it.

Here's the description of the film, google translated, from Mr. Gantelet's site:

Go home view "is an animated video that offers a tour of the subjective camera privacy of the home of Mr and Mrs Smith in Anger. Go home view starts where Google street view stops: at the door of the house. The technique used to capture 3D from photos gives a seductive and then turns nightmarish from inside this home and renewing the issues raised by the indiscretion of the digital image capture in the world and its distribution over the web."

123D Catch used on the Bay Bridge

To help to find a way to attach lights to the Bay Bridge for The Bay Lights installation, 123D Catch was used to capture a section of the cable on the bridge! The catch worked very well, and was 3D printed so the team had a nice scaled down model to work with.

I love seeing these practical uses of 123D Catch - it can really make a ton of things easier.

Check out the video above to find out more about the process and the project - it's awesome!

Via makerbot.

Underwater Catch!

David Lang of OpenROV found out 123D Catch works well underwater too! The video above is a Catch of a starfish that was originally taken as a video - he pulled the Catch from stills. How neat is that? Click through to see the stills and learn a little more about it!

Via openrov.com