Amazing Sculpt models from Chris Kunzmann

Check out some of the amazing creations Chris Kunzmann has sculpted! The video contains just a few of his models - he has a ton uploaded to the gallery. They're definitely worth looking through. :D

I think my favorite is the space hamster.

Need help with 123D products?

Did you know we have support forums for 123D help on the site?

If you're having an issue with something you're creating or if the software isn't playing nice, please post a topic there to let us know! In addition, if you think you might be able to help others with their problems, feel free to jump in!

Also free free to leave us any suggestions you might have - we would love to hear them.

Cube kite flies with a little 3D printing help

This amazing sculptural kite was created by Heather and Ivan Morison. While it looks far too heavy to fly, it's made of lightweight materials. The rods are carbon fiber, the fabric is the same used in sails, and the connectors are 3D printed and made of nylon.

Check out the video below for close-ups of the kite and to watch it take off - it's beautiful. It's so wonderful to watch something so large float in the air!

Little Shining Man from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.

Via treehugger.

Not-so-still Life


Artist Scott Garner has created a truly spectacular project - a 3D still life enclosed in a tilt sensitive frame. When you tilt the frame up or down, the objects in the painting crash wildly about to the bottom corner of the frame. You need to watch the video. It's amazing.

Still Life from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

How neat is that? What objects would you like to see in a tilt sensitive still life?

You can start building them with 123D.

Via vimeo.

Startup Weekend is in full swing

Yes, that's right. I am here at TechShop in San Francisco and the first ever Maker Startup Weekend is in full swing. It kicked off yesterday with a ton of workshops for 123D, MeshMixer, 123D Make and 123D Catch. We also had 3D Printing workshops, sewing classes, laser cutting and a ton more.

At this point, teams have been formed and amazing projects are starting to get realized. Here is a small selection of what we might see during the pitches tomorrow evening: Musical Tire Swing, DIY Coffee Roaster, iPad Stylus Holder, DIY Bio Tool, Mini Pinball game, iPad stand.

Go check out Rick's Flickr stream (here) to get closer to the action.

You can also follow David Lang on Twitter (here) for last minute updates.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more info on the projects.


Big Discounts for Laser Cutting

We here in the 123D team are always looking for ways to make your "maker" life easier. So, why not make it easier by saving you a few bucks?! Yes, you read that right! We've introduced discounts up to 70% for cardboard laser cutting. How does this work? Basically it works the same way as before, but with an even better twist. Now you can go to our brand new 123D Make web app, which allows you to slice your creations online. No download necessary! Once you are done with your virtual cardboard model you can hit the "Fabricate Online" button which connects you directly to our digital factory. You can also take advantage of our discounts if you are using 123D Make on your Mac by loading your pattern it up to "MyCorner" in and starting the digital fabrication workflow from there. Happy Cardboarding! Hendrik