Ole Ole Ole with 123D Circuits!

Good luck to the 32 qualifying teams in Tinkercup 2014!  To celebrate them, we recorded an old standard that seems to get popular every few years! Check out this iconic song as played on a 123D Circuits project!

 Want more info on the 123D Circuits project?  Check out this blog.

123D Make 3D DIY Projects. Made With Cricut.

photo of paper projects next to a Cricut Explore machine

Looking for a fun DIY project, but not prolific with scissors or don’t own a laser cutter? We’re happy to announce that Autodesk 123D has partnered with Cricut to bring a series of easy-to-assemble 3D DIY projects to Makers and Crafters. From rocket ships to dinosaurs to smartphone stands, these projects will delight and entertain boys and girls of all ages whether you’re 5 or 50!

All you need to get started is an affordable Cricut Explore™ electronic cutting machine, the free online Cricut Design Space™ software, and off-the-shelf poster board. Cardboard brown is no longer your only color option!

The first 8 projects are pictured below, clicking on them will take you to their respective project pages.  If you already own a Cricut Explore, load up the poster board and start cutting! The smartphone stand will make a great Fathers' Day present!

And make sure to keep checking back on Autodesk 123D's Blog and Cricut Partner Page, as well as Cricut's Autodesk Projects Page for even more projects!

What's the origin story of these beautiful projects, you ask? These first-of-its-kind 3D Cricut projects started off as 3D models from the 123Dapp.com gallery. The models were then infused with the unique slicing technology of 123D Make and transformed into easy-to-assemble cut patterns!


p/s. Full instructions coming soon to an Instructable near you! 

Tinkercup 2014!

Brazil v Croatia

Game 1 - Brazil and Croatia on June 12!

In light of the coming festivities in Brazil this year, we've hijacked Tinkercad's Wordless Wednesday for the next few weeks to bring you the first ever, online-3D-modeling-penguin-soccer tournament - the TinkerCup!!  We've modeled 32 of the Tinkercad penguins to represent the qualifying FIFA World Cup teams. Use these models or create your own to show your support for your favorite team.  The best part is, you could win some Tinkercad gear!

Group G of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Make a model featuring your dream team or even a dream match-up with the country you think will go all the way to the finals from now until June 25 and tag the model with #Tinkercup2014.  We've got buttons, bags and T-shirts for the teams that progress past the Round of 16 in the run to the Cup!  If your team is one of the eight that makes it to the quarter finals, you'll rack up Tinkercad swag until they get knocked out!  But you better hurry, because our gear supply is limited, and only the top 10 models for each team will be considered, based on likes from the Tinkercad Community as of June 25.

For example - say we used the model of the French team penguin eating a baguette on the Eiffel Tower by June 25 and tag it #TinkerCup2014. If the French get knocked out of the tournament during or before the Second Stage, c'est la vie...  But, if they make it past the Round of 16 to the quarter finals, then game on.  Also, the single most-liked model of the winning team will be put on a t-shirt for it's creator!   

Visit the FIFA site for more info on the matches.

If your team makes it to/or gets knocked of:
The Round of 16: The country will mourn!
The Quarter Finals (July 4-5): You get a Tinkercad Button and Stickers!
The Semi-Finals (July 8-9): Button, Stickers and a Tinkercad Backpack!
The Finals (Sunday July 13): Button, Stickers and a new Tinkercad Shirt!
The winning team: All of it! A Button, Stickers, Backpack, and Tinkercad Shirt!

PLUS: The winning country model that gets the most likes in the Tinkercad Gallery will be featured on the Tinkercad Homepage AND get a shirt with an image of their model on it!


Not the actual shirt, but what will the winning team be??

Keep it clean, and avoid penalties. Remember:

- Make the model Public by June 25 (we can tell when it was created) and tag it #TinkerCup2014.
- Because only the top 10 models for each country will be considered, be sure to make it early and rack up the Likes.
- We're all about worldliness, but please, don't submit models for more than 2 countries. Referee Peter D. Penguin prefers true fans.
- Be sure it's clear in the title who's your favorite, especially if you use 2 or more countries in a single model.
- Only one set of Tinkercad gear per person, so even if you make models for 2 teams and they both make it to the final match, you'll only get one button/bag/shirt.
- Duplicate and Tinker all you want, but without substantial changes, only the original model will be considered for the tournament. Questionable models will ultimately be judged by the Tinkercad Team and red-carded as deemed appropriate.
- Any questions? Email us at team@tinkercad.com. At the very least, check out
Peter's friends from around the world!

Meshmixer 2.4: Collect the Gold, Silver, AND Bronze


Autodesk Meshmixer 2.4

Autodesk continued the full court press on 3D printing today with the release of Meshmixer 2.4. Most notable with this release is the integration of direct printing to popular 3D printing services: i.materialise, Sculpteo, and Shapeways. 

The integration of the printing services within the 3D printing section now allows you to print in nearly any material including food safe ceramic, jewelry quality gold and silver, and the lower costing plastics and polyamides in different solid colors to name a few. The pricing is interactive, so one can easily size up a model with the material of their choice and get an instant quote from the printing service within Meshmixer. Making the object smaller will make the 3D print less expensive, which makes it easy to bargain for how much you want to pay to see your creation made real. See the video below for a quick workflow of healing a 123D Catch capture for 3D printing in a silver material with a 3D printing service. A new playlist of videos here, called Meshmixer 101 will get you up to speed with the basics of working in Meshmixer.


Creating, editing and printing to any 3D printer is a breeze, especially if you have a Type A Machines "2014 Series 1" printer. Meshmixer can send prints directly to your networked 2014 Series 1 3D printer, eliminating the need to fumble around with memory cards. Thanks to the folks at Type A Machines for their collaboration!!

 Meshmixer Patterned Logo with Bunnies


Meshmixer also adds some powerful new Patterning techniques with this release, examples shown above, which creates a border based on FaceGroups. We've been having a lot of fun with this new technique to easily create variations of existing models in our library....CHECK IT OUT!

Maker of the Day – You! (Day 18)

You might think today's maker of the day is a copout, but if Time Magazine can get away with it, so can we. 

Seriously, you guys are amazing. Our booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend was full of amazing Autodesk 123D users who make us look good. Not to mention all the folks that stopped by to let us know what they were doing with our tools, and how they're totally changing the world of creativity. It was such a treat to get to meet all of you amazing people, and we can't wait to do it again next year. 

Enjoy our video from the second day of Maker Faire, and keep on making!



Maker of the Day – Amanda Jackson (Day 16)

Amanda Jackson

Amanda Jackson

Why I make

I developed an interest in art as soon as I could hold a pencil or paintbrush. I had some difficulties at school with Expressive Language Disorder so drawing was an alternative way too express myself other than talking, although this has improved with time. I am open to different art mediums and styles, whether it be traditional or digital work, so when I learnt of the 123D creature app I jumped at the chance to try out some 3D sculpting. I am always trying to improve my work and willing to learn new things so I have grown too enjoy the app, using it as another art tool and have become quite addicted to it!

What I make

When i am not working on any illustrations or paintings i enjoy using the 123D Creature App to create models of characters and creatures from video games, films, books and mythology. Other subjects I create are usually animals or creatures/characters from my own imagination. I believe I have just over 200 3D models at the moment. I am an aspiring illustrator so my work usually consists of acrylic, watercolour paintings and ink drawings. My next project is to create some illustrations for Jack London's 'Call of the Wild' and I was thinking of creating a series of models that can be printed in 3D using the 123D Creature App. If you would like to have a quick look at some of my other work you can visit my website http://amandajackson101.wix.com/illustrator or my deviantart page  -  http://amanda-jackson.deviantart.com/

Maker of the Day – Ritik Mehta (Day 13)

You may have heard Ritik's story before, and you will definitely hear it again. When we first met Ritik, he was all of 13 years and already using 3D printing to make the world a better place, after learning how to 3D model in record time. Now this maker has expanded upon what he's learned and is changing things at an amazing pace.

Ritik's dad was kind enough to keep us updated on what Ritik is up to - see more for yourself, below.

Ritik Mehta

Why he makes

Initially it was a fascination of having the power to create. After he came back from TEDxKids@Brussels he saw 3d printing opportunities everywhere and got frustrated of not having the skills to design, so his dad introduced him to Tinkercad and helped him build those skills (which he now transfers by giving workshops at TEDxYouth events and other venues locally). Once his father saw that the fascination was not a fad, but stuck with him, he got him a Makerbot and 2 more printers afterwards (and 2 more on the way).
The initial fascination with the power to create, transferred to a drive to show his peers what the future would hold and why they should learn to 3D model.

Now his drive is more on the fact that this technology can help others less privileged get a better life and that the impact of 3d printing is as big for the poor as it is for the rich. 

What he makes

Ritik got involved with 3D printing at the age of 10, when he had to make something in 3D for TEDxKids@Brussels: he just started wearing glasses so he got the idea to make glasses with his name on them... after many years of exploring 3D printing and its impact on the future of creation, he gave a TEDxYouth@Flanders talk on his experience with 3dprinting and advice for his peers.

After that talk he explored going back to his first creation, which were glasses, but this time more wearable and functional. This got him in touch with a lot of designers of glasses and people involved with eyewear in general. One of those people was Koen Van Pottelbergh of EyesForTheWorld. The idea that these glasses could help people stuck with Ritik. He did a charity event to raise awareness and is also involved in projects ranging from customized glasses to help fund the charity, as well as design issues to get the glasses 3D printed locally at the source, and hence introducing these societies to 3D printing.

Ritik's father adds that his involvement with making has enabled him to get in touch with people who encourage him to take his ideas forward, as well as inspire him to do more. Inspirational people include Mitch Altman, Peter Diamandis, Scott Summit, and Assa Ashuach.

At the age of 13 he has a clear view on his future: ge is looking to combine the worlds of engineering and design, much like the in the TED2014 talk by Bran Ferren.

We can't wait to see what Ritik has next in store for us, 3D printing, and the world at large.

Maker of the Day – Arthur Ingraham (Day 12)

Arthur is a 123D Circuits user who became an electronics maker during breaks at work. A musician at heart, Arthur combined his knowledge of electronics with his love of music to make pre-amps and guitar pedals that work more smoothly with popular guitar amps on the market.

Once he mastered his trade, Arthur decided to put his talents towards something extremely important: helping his family adopt a baby from Haiti. Read more about Arthur's story below, and prepare to be inspired.

Personal website:

Arthur Ingraham

Why I make

am always looking for ways to improve and push my limits - I'm always curious as to what I can accomplish. TFX specifically transitioned from a hobby to a mission: 100% of profits from TFX sales will are going towards an international adoption from Haiti. 

What I make

Guitar pedals of all varieties, latley I have been designing and focusing on handmade pre-amps designed to respect a guitarist's biggest musical investment, their amp. Whether prople own a Fender, Marshall, or Vox - they do so because of the amp's unique character and voicing - I am developing preamps that are designed to serve that respective amp archetype. A pedal that works FOR the amp, not just with the amp.

Follow Arthur's shop on Reverb to not only get yourself some truly special pre-amps and guitar pedals, but to help this maker add one more to his family. 

Maker of the Day – Cameron Stern (Day 8)

Personal website:

Cameron Stern

Why I make

Because there is something intrinsically satisfying about making on so many levels. I have been working with my wife for almost 8 years selling our own art and by just sharing our own obsessions with the world. We have shared so much art and wonder with people, and people have shared their own stories right back with us. I make because it is an incredible way to communicate with the world. 

What I make

As part of an awesome team I make jewelry, toys and curiosities that are inspired by science, fantasy, and whatever daily obsessions pass through my head.

While everyone in the studio plays a part in the process of creating each piece we produce, my job in the fabrication process is to provide 3d printed parts ranging from animals, astronauts, space capsules and robots, to scenic elements. I use 123D Creature as a vital creative tool to help bring a lot of those ideas to life. I model and then print out the miniatures or parts in PLA, at which point they head to the studio to either be cleaned up for lost PLA casting into silver or brass, or painted to be included in a miniature diorama necklace or sculpture. 

We first heard about Cameron when one of his designs (below) reached the front page of Reddit. 


Upon further investigation, we discovered Cameron is a 3D printing extraordinaire who includes the Autodesk 123D suite in his tool belt. 3D design and printing are just a few of the many forms of making that come out of his shop - that he runs with his equally impressive wife Rebecca. You can learn more about this dynamic duo about here, and if you're in the New York area you should definitely see what they're up to either in their shop or at any of the open markets they attend. 


Maker of the Day – Ethan Blevins (Day 4)

Ethan Blevins

Why I make

I want to build myself as a creator, Since I was 7 years old I was drawing, and sculpting things by hand out of tinfoil and balls of tape. Now that I'm older I'm trying to continue that passion but with art (having jumped into the digital world). I honestly love the applications provided by Autodesk because they've given me a means to step into this world and build my skills on my own, and I hope to be able to upgrade to using some of the higher end creator tools soon like Maya once I feel my skills and my funds are up to it. 

What I make

I make 3D creatures models using 123D Creature by Autodesk on my iPad. Most of my creations are anthropomorphic in nature, but I love to branch out into unfamiliar territory and broaden my skill base by touching into sculptures I would typically not attempt.