Meshmixer 2.4: Collect the Gold, Silver, AND Bronze


Autodesk Meshmixer 2.4

Autodesk continued the full court press on 3D printing today with the release of Meshmixer 2.4. Most notable with this release is the integration of direct printing to popular 3D printing services: i.materialise, Sculpteo, and Shapeways. 

The integration of the printing services within the 3D printing section now allows you to print in nearly any material including food safe ceramic, jewelry quality gold and silver, and the lower costing plastics and polyamides in different solid colors to name a few. The pricing is interactive, so one can easily size up a model with the material of their choice and get an instant quote from the printing service within Meshmixer. Making the object smaller will make the 3D print less expensive, which makes it easy to bargain for how much you want to pay to see your creation made real. See the video below for a quick workflow of healing a 123D Catch capture for 3D printing in a silver material with a 3D printing service. A new playlist of videos here, called Meshmixer 101 will get you up to speed with the basics of working in Meshmixer.


Creating, editing and printing to any 3D printer is a breeze, especially if you have a Type A Machines "2014 Series 1" printer. Meshmixer can send prints directly to your networked 2014 Series 1 3D printer, eliminating the need to fumble around with memory cards. Thanks to the folks at Type A Machines for their collaboration!!

 Meshmixer Patterned Logo with Bunnies


Meshmixer also adds some powerful new Patterning techniques with this release, examples shown above, which creates a border based on FaceGroups. We've been having a lot of fun with this new technique to easily create variations of existing models in our library....CHECK IT OUT!

Making It Official With 3D Hubs

Every so often two companies meet, and magic happens. This was definitely the case when we met 3D Hubs, the world’s largest 3D print network. We already had so much in common: a love of 3D printing, awesome users and community members, plus a shared mission to provide easy access to a technology that gives you the ultimate form of creativity.
That’s why it made perfect sense to integrate the 3D Hubs 3D print network into Autodesk 123D, to make it faster and easier than ever for 3D printing enthusiasts everywhere to turn the designs they design into physical products. The average delivery time of products printed via 3D Hubs is less than two days - five times faster than the industry standard.
We are committed to offering you the best in 3D printing services, so try them out through our site now, and let us know how it goes. You can also come meet them (and us!) to learn more in person this Friday at a celebration mixer in San Francisco at Autodesk’s One Market office. Sign up here to reserve your spot.
Mixer Date and Venue
Autodesk Gallery at One Market
1 Market St #200, San Francisco
Friday, April 11th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST
For our more hands on friends, check out the workshop we will be running with 3D Hubs this Friday as well - but you better hurry; there are only 5 spots left!

SXSW Recap…but wait, there’s more!


It's been an exciting weekend at SXSW so far, full of enthusiastic makers and exciting keynotes by Autodesk's very own CEO, Carl Bass. Even R2D2 stopped by to join in on the fun. 

If you weren't able to catch Carl's keynote on the Robot Revolution, have no fear, he will be back on stage today, Sunday March 9th from 3:30- 4:30pm, to speak with Shapeways CEO, Pete Weijmarshausen, about the future of 3D printing. 








We've had lots of great guests stop by the Atmel #TechOnTour truck, giving us the chance to learn more about the projects they're interested in, and of course send them on their way with pockets full of our 3D printed bottle openers. 

We'll be hanging out with the Atmel folks through Sunday, and checking out all the awesome things going at SXSW (3D printed Oreos, anyone?) for a few more days after that. 

Remember, you can follow us on Twitter at @autodesk123D for the most up to date info about where we are and what we're doing.

3D chocolate printer

Last month, Choc Edge released a 3D chocolate printer, called the Choc Creator. You can preorder it now, and bidding is just about to end on ebay for the first one!

The video below should give you a better idea of how it works - I can imagine this could really take off in bakeries! Yum, chocolate.

Via Choc Edge.