What a YEAR! 13 of our favorite 2013 models.

Happy New Year!!  And what a year it's been: lots of updates, new apps, and (most fun for us...) lots of models from the community!

We decided to put together a short list of 13 highlights - some of the most popular models, and others that got passed around in some @autodesk.com emails.  It was pretty difficult, there have been so many great ones!

Fruteiro by Gilberto N Borges


Luke-Han-Leia-Capture by Kris Smith


Spy vs Spy by Omar Zuniga, Arizona


Small Spork by Connor Weller


Michael vs Satan by Cory Clawson


The Gremlor Monster by Adam Beamish


Variable Insulating Cup by Maundy


French Quarter House by Jamie Hebert


Siberian dragon by Josh Smith


2013-10-11-20-19-52 by Federico Infanti


Monster Bunny Rabbit by Amanda Jackson


Tug Boat by Steve Harney


Mechanical Axe by Jefferson Manalo


We could make 13 more of these lists and still not get to all our favorites.  Thanks so much to everyone for using the apps and we hope you have a great New Year!

What are some you think we missed?

Make It REAL-ly Scary with 123D and Tinkercad: Contest Winners Announced!

Creepy Head Halloween Candy Bowl by HollyMann

It was a hard job, but we've finalized the winners of our Halloween 123D Contest on Instructables!  There were some really great entries, but our judges have spoken.  Check out the winners:

The Grand Prize went to HollyMann for her Creepy Head Halloween Candy Bowl model!  She's won a Zebra Imaging holographic 24x34 print, color, with frame and light, $100 in iMaterialise 3D print credit and a 123D prize pack including a 123D t-shirt and 2 year Premium Membership, as well as an Instructables prize pack including a robot t-shirt.

 The First Place winners were: Creating a Witch with 123D Creature by Adam BeamishScary 5ft jack-in-the-box (from Tinkercad … by lockershop; and Pumpkin BBQ by nathan nash.  They scored one Zebra imaging holographic 8x10 print, color, with frame and light, $50 in iMaterialise 3D print credit, a 123D prize pack including a 123D t-shirt and 1 year Premium Membership and an Instructables prize pack.

The Runners Up won some great stuff too! A discount for 20% off an iMaterialise 3D print, a 123D prize pack including a t-shirt and 1 Month Premium Membership and an Instructables prize pack.

Thanks to Zebra imaging, iMaterialise and Instructables for their help with contest and prizes, but even bigger thanks to all the entrants - keep it up and look for more challenges soon!

Halloween(3D)! Playing with 123D at the Autodesk offices.

We've been getting into the spirit of Halloween at the Autodesk offices, and I'm taking the opportunity to test what I can do with the 123D apps.  

123D Make is great for making models at a larger scale cheaply and quickly.  Granted, we have some Epilog lasers at the shop that sure beat an Xacto knife, but it's all stuff you can do with technology that's available to you, either by hand or through 3D printer service, or your own machines.  123D Creature has an awesome community that is making some pretty impressive monsters, and Tinkercad is great for some quick fixes to 3D models.


Cardboard Cthulhu at Autodesk offices.

Cthulhu Guards the Gold:
I made a big cardboard Cthulhu based on a 123D Creature model by super-user Amanda Jackson to lord over the snack machines in Autodesk's Pier 9 kitchen.  In the 123D Gallery, there are literally thousands of models to choose from - and there's no better tool than 123D Make to make it big.  Just grab some glue.


cardboard devil in 123D make

Cardboard Devil:
I came across a really great model of the devil character from Legend.  The Tim Curry-Satan guy.  All I can remember is him hissing at Tom Cruise, 'Boiyyyyy...'.  This particular model is cool because it started out as a Darth Maul bust by Adam Beamish, then Kaj Steveman took the wireframe and ran with it to create The Darkness.  Now he lives at my desk.  Next, I'm going to paint him the appropriate red and black.



This one seems to be an office favorite - I love using RGB LED strips and I wanted to use the semi-transparent nature of 3D prints as a lamp.  It's pretty great, and remote controlled! 


Goldfish Ghost: 
For the Goldfish Ghost project, I just grabbed a great model from Tinkercad by user Chuck Norris (I really really hope it's really Mr. Norris), and ordered some Encapso from Smooth-On.  Voila - Ghost Fish!


There are some more in the works from me, but stay tuned to the Instructables' Make it REALly Scary contest to see other great projects..! 


From the 123D Gallery – Reptile by 2ya

123D user 2ya has been banging out some really great models with 123D Creature on the iPad. Here's his most recent.

Best Award Ever.

We got a heads-up about pretty awesome use of 123D Catch today from the Makerbot guys.  Architecture firm Gensler Shanghai produced the "Chicken Foot Awards" for their annual all-staff meeting a couple of months ago by taking photos of an actual chicken's foot to render in 123D Catch, then print them out on Makerbots.


Go on and treat yourself, download your own Chicken Foot Award over at Thingiverse.  Better yet, design your own funky award!

Pulled from Instructables: Interlocking Building Blocks

connectors_whiteb connectorsb

We see all kinds of of modular blocks being 3D printed these days, even some cool customized Legos and bits that make 'em go vroom.  Check out these interlocking building blocks over at Instructables - they're more structurally sound than Legos because their edges overlap, preventing the shearing that can happen at joints.

connectors_printed2 connectors_printed

Can YOU make a better building block?

From the 123D Gallery: Phox Kun

Today just felt like "cute little dinosaur" day, so here's some of Phox Kun's work.  Enjoy!

From the 123D Gallery: Joe Batty

Today we're highlighting 123D user Joe Batty.  Great work Joe - keep it up!!

Favorite models in the gallery this week

The title is a teeny bit of a fib this time since we didn't have this post last week. But it is back! Catches are becoming the most common thing in the gallery as of late and they're getting better and better.

church door by Cody Walker

church door by Cody Walker

Frogner Park Oslo Norway by Wayne Trout

Frogner Oslo Park Norway by Wayne Trout

Lion by Jeffrey Lv

Lion by Jeffrey Lv

Falla Lo Rat Penat 2012 by Jaime Almonacid

Falla Lo Rat Penat 2012 by Jaime Almonacid

Weston Super Mare - Sand Sculpture by Andrew Moore

Weston Super Mare - Sand Sculpture by Andrew Moore

Favorite models in the gallery this week

Here we are again! Lots of great catches again this week and one fantastic sculpt model as well. I love all the portraits I'm seeing done with Catch and Sculpt. :D
London Commuter by Matt Wilderbeast

London Commuter by Matt Wilderbeast

Gargoyle 1 test by Paul E Carew

Gargoyle 1 test by Paul E Carew

Cleopatra's needle plaque by Lucien Harriot

Cleopatra's needle plaque by Lucien Harriot

Baby sleeping by VJ Anomolee

Baby sleeping by VJ Anomolee

iMario by Adnan Islam

iMario by Adnan Islam

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