Maker of the Day – Andy Lee (Day 25)



Andy Lee

Why I make

I've always made stuff. It's an exploration i've been on for a long time. I am interested in how everything is made. All things from how is steel forged to how are silicone etched and packaged or how does a designer decide what the visual details they might add to their products.

Making stuff leads me on these journeys where I discover new ways that things can be made and built. 

What I make

Most of the things I make are tools for living. I've made lines of furniture and household accessories. I've been interested in robotics for a long time. In 2008 I made my own 3D printer in my apartment on my kitchen table. Everyone asked if they needed 3D goggles.

I made a chess board that had a gantry with a magnet underneath the board. It could adjust the magnet and move the pieces around. There was an RFID reader which could read tags that we placed in the base of the pieces. 

Right now I am exploring aperiodic stacking patterns of polyhedrons.

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3D Printed Stool

This stool is called the One Shot. It was designed by Patrick Jouin and is truly wonderful - it's 3D printed, and easily folds and expands into shape. To close the stool, simply pick it up from the center handle. To turn in into a stool, put the legs on the ground and gently press down on the handle.

I think it's genius and I cannot wait to see what other kinds of furniture will get a makeover. If nothing else, 3D printing would be the perfect route for creating prototypes!

Via Apartment Therapy.

Sliced Furniture

Designer Mathias Bengtsson created some amazing sliced furniture. He started by modeling the furniture in clay and then sliced it into two thousand layers of recycled paper. These layers were ultimately glued together into this couch. Albeit made using traditional methods, this work is highly reminiscent of the type of things that can be easily made using 123D Make and is great inspiration for the possibility of the software. With a little bit of imagination - and a lot of glue - imagine all of the incredible things that you could Make.