Introducing Tinkerplay: anyone can make 3D printed creatures and characters

We're pleased to announce a new addition to Autodesk's family of easy-to-use apps for all: Tinkerplay. I've been using this app for a while, and I'm very excited to share all the features and enhancements the team has been working on.

Tinkerplay is an app for iOS, Android and Windows that lets you design great-looking creatures and characters, and then 3D print them. It's incredibly fun to use, you can choose from a wide range of parts that just snap together, and then customize them with colors and textures.

Start with professionally created templates, or make your own creations. We'll be rolling many more exciting templates going forward, as well as new parts to make your creations more varied. Keep reading after the break to see more things you can do with Tinkerplay!

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Ever wonder who makes action figures?

Really sweet video about the life of a production action-figure toy.

The Secret Story of TOYS from Anthony Ladesich on Vimeo.

Before your favorite action figures land on the shelves of Walmart and Toys R Us, they’ve already lived a full life. Prior to the mass manufacturing, packaging and shipping, many toys are born in a little studio in the middle of the country. It’s there that the Hulks and Terminators acquire the bulging veins and contoured muscles that give them their life-like quality.

In the mini-doc The Secret Story of Toys, filmmaker Anthony Ladesich follows three artists from Kansas City toy prototyping shop True Cast Studio as they go through the intricate process of carving, sculpting, and casting toys.

The craftsmanship that goes into creating each toy is astonishing.  “Before I ever got into this, I remember looking at toys and just kind of figuring, well a computer must do that,” Adam Smith, owner of True Cast, tells Ladesich. “I didn’t get that actually people just sat there and sculpted all of this stuff.” Smith and his small team (which includes his sister and her husband) are now those people.

 Looking at some of the models that are being created with 123D Creature, you have to wonder if some people missed their true calling.